Who is seizing the future?

What have votes for 16-year-olds, the production of cannabis for medical use and regulations on cryptocurrencies got in common?


Each of these measures is an illustration of how Malta’s government is facing the future full on, adapting now and showing the route for other countries to follow.


In contrast to endless PN negativite, the Labour government is being positive about the years ahead.


There’s no turning back on social reforms such as divorce and equal marriage and how many countries can you name that have done what Malta did by introducing universal free child care?


The citizenship scheme was another moment of foresight. Just look at the billions flowing into the Maltese economy now.


This isn’t just a government that has reduced unemployment to record levels and wiped out the deficit. It is a government that is prepared to take risks and build the economy of the future.


By contrast, the division and disarray in PN means they are bereft of ideas.


PN negativite is about stagnation. Labour positivity is about being bold.