The hypocrisy and double standards of certain countries

Gaming is an important part of the Maltese economy and has been for some years. But, suddenly, international media has smelt something fishy. They’ve used this as part of evidence that Malta is a rogue country that operates as a tax haven and outside the rule of law.
The truth is the gaming is a well regulated sector. Nothing takes place in the gaming industry that breaks any European Union rules. And the tax concessions are also in line with what is permissible.
Malta has always recognised that favourable tax rates encourage investment, grow the economy and create jobs.
And other countries do their own thing, setting their own rates and offering advantageous deals to businesses, as they’re perfectly entitled to do.
Anyone looking to take a high moral stand in commerce should look elsewhere. Many people would find the trade in arms as something particularly distasteful. They see weapons being sold to regimes with poor human rights.
Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri was right to point out the hypocrisy and double standards of certain countries. They want to dirty Malta’s reputation by calling it a  tax haven and all sorts, but think nothing of trading in arms.