The biggest game changer

Today being international women’s day, many reams will be written by people of every sexual inclination or non inclination about women participation in politics and quotas for them.

This has the potential if all the political parties handle it well, to be the biggest game changer in Malta’s political landscape.

Many well meaning women will object saying they don’t need any help and I tend to agree with them because to me everyone is equal. There were instances when I voted for a woman because I thought she was the best on that ballot paper.

I have come to understand, that the issue of quotas is not intended for the women who have already made it to politics and like me think they do not need any quotas. This is bigger than what it seems.

The truth is, it will attract more women to contest, including younger women and that is needed so we have a generation in the Parliament if Malta of every sexual and non inclination that can make decisions based on their long term future too.

It’s as important as vote 16 which all political parties backed.