That’s right Slovakia is not Russia

Indeed, Malta and Slovakia are two very different countries. After the murder of the Slovak journalist, Jan Kuciak, the country’s general prosecutor drew comparisons when, according to In-NAZZJON, he said “this isn’t Malta, this isn’t Russia, where they kill journalists”.
The statement is as stupid as suggesting that France, Belgium, the UK, or any country that has suffered terrorism is a place where it is acceptable for innocent people to be slaughtered.
But look at how the authorities in Slovakia and Malta have reacted to the killing of journalists.
The Slovakian authorities linked Kuciak’s murder to the Italian Ndrangheta. They arrested seven Italians, securing big headlines.
But within a couple of days the headlines had changed to “Italian suspects released”.
Malta is different. After the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia the government called in the FBI and Dutch forensic scientists to assist Maltese police in carrying out a diligent investigation.
Even though we would have all welcomed immediate arrests, police were meticulous about gathering evidence.  Police secured arrests only when they were sure they had a tight case against the three men who are now in custody.
Yes, Malta is not Slovakia.