Spend, spend, spend to your heart’s content

When you consider the millions of euros debt that the PN accumulated over the years you cannot help but be stunned by the fact that this is indicative of gross mismanagement. Worse still this inability to manage their finances was reflected in how this country’s economy under a PN administration was brought down on its knees. A situation that is very worrying indeed.
The first question that comes to mind is: how is it possible for a party that was 23 years in government to accumulate so much debt?
Actually this is quite easy to answer. Since EFA’s credo was “money no problem”, they had his blessing to spendspendspend to their heart’s content.
Today it was reported that in 2015, HSBC was worried that PN would be unable to settle €7 million and as a result the decision was taken to sell 10 PN clubs.
Could you see the PN selling 10 clubs if in 2013 they were elected as government ?