Spare her and us a monumental mistake

The Times of Malta has run a poll asking whether there should be a permanent memorial for Daphne Caruana Galizia.  Some people have been trying to sell the idea of a monument, insisting it is ‘by the people for the people’. It is not.  Far from it.

It is a monument by the select few for the select few – i.e. – those who were never at the receiving end of her bile and poisonous pen but who loved to sit back and watch others receive that same treatment.   Most probably these are the ones with fake Disqus accounts who butchered all mentioned by Daphne on an hourly basis.

I am sure there are many who sorely miss her sarcasm and nastiness, but that is because they and their families never tasted it, which makes them even worse than she was for at least she put her name to whatever she has written.

Had they sampled it, they would not be protesting and making the case for the erection of a monument for a person who was a good journalist at times, but mainly was no more than a gossip monger and a symbol of division and hatred.

The only people who are missing her are her family and close friends and the kind of fan-base who had no real principles and who, like junkies, are missing their fix.

They loved to watch the show, safe in their own glasshouses, content that someone else was throwing the stones while they had the best seats in the house and knowing they would not get hit.

Thankfully there are still decent people out there (many of them Nationalists), who were never attacked by her but who still understand that a monument would be ill-fitting and would only create more tension and division.

Especially considering the site that has been handpicked  and which is now serving as a temporary makeshift memorial site – namely the Great siege monument commemorating the Maltese victory over the Turks in the Great Siege.

Given its close proximity to the court and to Guido de Marco’s monument is enough for anyone with even limited intelligence to know that Daphne Caruana Galizia would not have felt comfortable here.  She hated the court and had huge contempt for  lawyers and judges whom she made a mockery of.  She made no secret of her hatred for Guido de Marco either.  So spare her and spare us all.

If the Mayor of Valletta must consider the people’s will in the erection of a monument, he must not only consider those in favour, but also those who are against it, and they tip the balance.

Daphne Caruana Galizia was no champion of human rights and neither was she a torchbearer of democracy.  In fact she was the opposite of both.  She was selective in her writings and only discovered the word corruption in the last 4 years of her life. Foreigners do not know this. Had they known Daphne like we did during her life, I am sure they would have not said the things they said about her.

For 25 years under the Nationalist administration she never ever took anyone to task or investigated a single contract or deal.  She never said a word about Mater Dei, Arriva or about the Trafigura Oil scandal or any of the shady dealings that went on and all the expressions of interest and cosy jobs for the boys under the PN.  It was not in her interest to point these things out, so she didn’t and neither did her lapdogs, like Andrew Borg Cardona who was sucking from the teat of the state and Manuel Delia, chief of staff to a Minister who was caught with a Swiss bank account (which was not empty) and who has had more than his fair share of iced buns.

Not to mention the fact that for ten years, under a PN administration, Daphne Caruana Galizia did not pay her taxes. (That is the one thing in common with Adrian Delia).

It is really quite pathetic that we are even considering a memorial site for someone so divisive and law breaking, who personified impunity and tried to get away with not paying her VAT but who would write about others for doing the same.

Of course we can understand that her family and close friends and even her fans may wish something to remember her by.  By all means.  But it does not have to be shoved down everyone’s throat either.   That way everyone can be happy.  They get their monument in Bidnija or in some place in the wilderness out of sight and mind (after all didn’t she loved wild gardens?).

Another reason why Valletta is a very bad place for a monument and somewhere out of sight would be a much better option is because it will definitely be vandalised, in the same way the chickens and cows were vandalised.

There are a lot of sick and sad people out there who will try and vandalise anything that comes their way, even when it’s an innocent chicken who has never blogged about their grandmother or called their mother a bitch.

So the temptation to vandalise the monument of a woman who did call their families names would be too strong a temptation.  Now, if the monument was somewhere far away, no one would bother.  It would be left alone because vandals don’t really care about vandalizing things that no one will notice. Bidnija is the right place should the selected few wish to persist on this matter.