Slovak money-laundering and the Malta connection

The murders of a young Slovak journalist and his girlfriend are another blow to democracy and free speech. 27 year-old Jan Kuciak was said to have been working on a story linking the Italian mafia to high level political corruption, and tax evation and money-laundering through Malta.

It is very sad that another journalist has been killed and, like a wolf-pack, Maltese journalists have seized on his investigation into suspect transactions by a Slovak businessman, Marian Kocner, and whether or not Malta was used for money-laundering and tax evasion.

One important detail has been missing from much of what has been reported so far. The €4 million transferred by an unnamed Maltese bank to companies in Bratislava date back to 2010-2012.

So wasn’t Lawrence Gonzi the Prime Minister at the time, with Simon Busuttil his right hand man?

Also interesting are the Slovak businessman’s connection to Malta. No, it is not Brian Tonna of Nexia BT as many would have wished. Marian Kocner’s daughter was married at the time to a Maltese lawyer, Dr Christian Ellul.


Although now divorced, Christain Ellul, and his accountant partner, Karl Schranz, are still directors of Kocner’s Malta companies. Christian Ellul, might not be a household name but he is not new in PN circles. He is Helga Ellul’s son.  Do you remember her? She was a PN candidate in the European elections in 2014.

I am sure that if one delved further into this issue many more names with ties to PN and the financial sector would come to light.

We do not label people simply because of their political allegiance, but it is good to set the record straight after all the wild claims being made about how this government had turned Malta into a laundromat for criminal organisations.

The PN spokesman on good governance, Simon Busuttil, needs to think carefully before he decides who he calls a corrupt crook.