PN shoot themselves in the foot

It’s very inconvenient for PN that the economy is booming. It’s difficult to attack a government that has delivered a surplus, high employment and investment in education, health care, child care, housing and transport.


So, they try to find fault elsewhere but what a mess they make of it! Take Pilatus Bank.


PN ask why Pilatus Bank were allowed to come to Malta in the first place. Well, ask yourselves that question because it was your government that got the ball rolling on giving them a licence.


PN ask why the government hasn’t taken action against the bank which is a just stupid. You can’t demand the government respects the independence of institutions and then shoot them down for letting the MFSA get on with their job.


Now Adrian Delia says the government has an obligation to take action to safeguard Malta’s reputation. What does he want the government to do, silence the PN people who spend their days bad mouthing Malta at home and abroad?


Malta has a thriving financial sector. It is well regulated and well respected. Malta is not a tax haven, it is a fully signed up member of the European Union with all the responsibilities that go with that.


That doesn’t mean Malta is a perfect place. It is also the home of PN.