PN keep stirring the concrete

Healthcare has never been so healthy. Patients are being seen quicker. More and better treatments are available. Medicines are no longer out of stock. There’s investment across the board, at Mater Dei, St Luke’s, Karen Grech Hospital, Gozo Hospital and health centres.
Adrian Delia has little to say about the health sector because there is nothing he can say. It’s far better now than it was under PN.
So what does he do? He turns on the professionals given the job of making things better.
When Vitals Global Healthcare came to Malta to run three hospitals the PN, under Simon Busuttil, mounted a campaign against it. Now that VGH has sold its investment to an American company, Steward Healthcare, Adrian Delia’s PN is doing exactly the same.
In their criticism neither the service nor the patients are mentioned. They just want to have a dig at the government.
They say they want “concrete discussion” which is a choice term given the scandal of the standard of concrete used at Mater Dei.
These are textbook tactics from PN – treat foreigners with suspicion, try to deter investment, suggest wrong doing while providing no evidence, ignore their own failings and forget about the people they were elected to serve.