No jurisdiction is free from crime

Much has been written and said about Maltese institutions and the Labour government in recent weeks. The main allegation is that the rule of law is not being upheld.

Most people know this to be nonsense but it’s worth analysing where the criticism is coming from, and the agendas of those claiming Malta has descended into anarchy.

The murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia is being used by pro-Nationalists to attack Joseph Muscat, because their earlier attempt to remove him from power in June failed miserably under the weight of democracy. They are failing again.

The criticism from abroad is based on ignorance of Malta’s true position as a modern, democratic country in the European mainstream. The notion of a mafia in Malta is complete fantasy. There’s also a degree of jealousy at how the Maltese economy is booming.

The truth of the matter is that European countries need to get off their moral high ground, because no jurisdiction is free from crime. We have not suffered terrorism in the way other European countries have but we don’t accuse them of being lawless societies.

We prefer to show solidarity with our neighbours. And we welcome the solidarity from well meaning people, at home and abroad, who truly wish the Maltese police success in bringing Daphne Caruana Galicia’s killers to justice

  • j cassar

    Well said Hon G.B .

  • Abuirba

    Glenn … very good piece. We are the first country to show solidarity with govts when they are attacked with all types of terror. Likewise, we expect these natiosn to reciprocate with solidarity and respect. No less.

  • jojo

    Just this week a RAI journalist was attacked, head butted and hit with a baton from a Mafia relative… The EU members have to cut the “holier than thou” crap attitude towards this island and instead unite to solve issues together. No member state is clean enough to point fingers.

  • Michael McCarthy

    Very well said my good friend, but when you have traitors in your own country (no need to mention names, ay?), who’s main aim is to pimp and degenarate this nation of ours in Brussels and Strasbourg for their personal gain and power, this wishful thinking CANNOT happen!!

  • joe

    Ejja nkunu onesti u nitkellmu car dwar dak li nhossu. Jien lil DCG qatt ma rajtha jew tajtha fastidju. Lili nsulentatni meta sejhet lil min jivvota lil Partit Laburista zibel, injurant u aggettivi ohra xejn pjacevoli. Ghajritna tant b`mod kollettiv allura kif jien nista` ngib rispett lil proxxmu bhal din.

    • Joe Busuttil

      Jekk iggib rispett lejn proxxmu bhal dik ,tkun fidil iktar mill-kelb ta’ Bendu.

  • Kwarezimal

    The Pana Committee concluded that NO LAWS were broken in Malta!
    All this after a year and a half of hate malice and verbal violence against a democratically elected Government including the Prime Minister and his spouse, Mizzi and Mr Schembri!
    And yet , the nasty section which hides and support SimonPN-continues to ferment lies,spew venom, odium ,scorn, and antagonism every day-against Muscat – looking for some excuse or other!
    If it is not the TOM or MI its the Briguglio,s front for PN- Civil Society Network; or the Occupy Castille without elections directed by Bocca- a PN diehard and Beppe,s Fenech Adami brother!
    Its time to put an end to this campaign-because it was based on a narrative whose only aim was to destabilize Malta- and to make way for a SimonPN,s comeback-an outcome which was rejected during 5consecutive elections in which Simon PN participated and lost heavily!