Is this the laptop the Police are missing?

I am very surprised to learn that the only laptop given to court experts for examination and analysis in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder case was a  little tablet, which Daphne last used in 2015 and not since.  It is so obvious that this tablet was no more than a smokescreen. It is evidently clear that Daphne’s lap-top was deliberately hidden from the invstigators.

I do not imagine a blogger like Daphne Caruana Galizia using a tablet for her day-to-day rants. You can see for yourself in the picture above, that she used a lap-top and not a tablet. Is this the one the police are missing?

So the same people who have no faith in the Maltese Police and the Maltese authorities, who talk about precious documents being spirited away in the Egrant case have spirited her laptop/s and other devices away and left us with a tokenistic miniature tablet.

After her death the magazine which she was working on from the laptop which was never handed over, was published.  Of course now they are busy calling everyone who wants to know where the laptop is an assortment of names. Including myself. But I got used to it now and I am not surprised, after all I was one of Daphne’s favourite targets.

All those people pointing fingers at Malta, like  Ana Gomes for example and her cohorts, what do they have to say now, that one of the potentially most important pieces of evidence has been hidden allegedly  by the family.

The evidence is staring at them in the face.  Is this the is missing laptop?


Who has it? Where is it?


There are more compelling questions;

Where is the rule of law now?

Who is obstructing the course of justice?

Why do these people have something to hide?

What is in that laptop?

Do they have an interest in hiding it?

Or is there interest simply in leaving this murder unsolved, so that they will be able to blame the Labour party?

Do they really want this murder solved or do they just want to make as much noise as possible while making sure the murder is never solved so that doubts remain which suits their narrative?

Obstructing the course of justice by hiding evidence is a crime.