Guest Post: Who is sick of hatred please comment peacefully below

“If you are sick of it you should go back to Canada and take Bondi with you.”

This was on a recent Times comments board during an interview with a Labour voter and political appointee who is Maltese Canadian, discussing V18.

Its a milder version of the attack on Sara who was  told to go back to her own country but the sentiment is the same.All over the world partly because of globalisation, partly because of social media, many  people are becoming more intolerant, not more tolerant.

Merkel haters blame her personally for any attack on any person from any immigrant, ever.Trump supporters described Obama as some kind of devil.Obama supporters describe Trump as another kind of monster.Brexit supporters think Remainers are anti British. Remainers think Brexit supporters are all racists.

And on this little rock the small English speaking  group of Maltese who dominate the English media and comment board call anyone a “Labour political appointee” with disgust as did one Sara Camilleri in the same comments board. It is a pity that young people as she sounds young, have been so brainwashed to believe only one side has any truth or validity. The disgusting scrawl of Andrew Borg Cardona shows how low even the well educated are prepared to sink. But he is part of a movement. A movement of pure hatred which we all have to shun with togetherness and calm.

You can look at any comment board and you see the same. Intolerance from those who preach tolerance and equality. They praise Sara and rightly, but think anyone Labour is scum and dirty. Labour voters and supporters are  the majority of Malta and always half the population. Does  this have to be like so many countries in the Middle east  or Northern Ireland or anywhere else where hatred has led to civil wars and unrest. Stop inciting hatred all of you and stop dirtying all people. The country is heartily sick of you all. Those who do wrong need to go through courts not through your lynch mobs of opinion which change completely if it is one of your own.

It is not a Maltese disease. It is international. People everywhere are retreating into their shells and firing at anyone they think is the enemy. Mirrors have been banned and double standards are everywhere. This is why the media, all of it whether English or Maltese speaking needs to give a balanced picture and not the case now where the stories are reflections of who the paymasters are. And why too certain political persons like MEPs have to think very carefully about their end game. Yes they want power back but at any cost? You must stop inciting hatred too.

Too big an ask? Certainly or probably for J Vella. Who are you and do you teach your kids stuff like this. Telling people to go back to where they worked.It’s shameful. It’s your hatred that should go back inside your sad mouth, and nothing and nobody else who is happily and peacefully working and living in Malta and Gozo. You are all welcome.

We are all flawed. Remind any haters you meet of that.