Guest Post: The rise of the extreme right

Currently, the front being presented by the two warring factions within the PN to give a false semblance of unity is just too weak to mask the power struggle. The cracks are widening and the walls are crumbling.
Genuine supporters of the Nationalist party are worried because they may be experiencing a party in its death throes; a reality where all that Eddie Fenech Adami strived for 35 years ago when he turned the PN into a centre right party as a means to appeal to the lower to middle class to make it electable, may be disintegrating right before their very eyes.
Ultimately, the person to blame for what’s happening, has to be Simon Busuttil, who seduced by Marlene’s suggestion of a PN/PD coalition as a means to overthrow the PL movement, resulted in total disaster that reduced EFA’s once winning party into shambles.
It is no wonder therefore that Delia came out so strongly during his campaign to move away from centre right; firstly to disassociate the PN from Marlene’s side show and secondly to dig deep into the PN’s grassroots of ‘Religio et Patria’, hence the remanufactured slogan for the PN – home of Catholics and Latins – “the true Maltese”, a very anti-European Union stance.
On the 5th October, 11 days before her brutal murder, DCG wrote a piece about this development in her ‘Running Commentary’ titled “The Nationalist Party’s conservative far right is out in force backing Delia”. In her writings her increasing concern about the threats that were coming from Delia’s camp against her, were obvious.
Extremist right wing parties are known for their violence and two days ago the 8th November 2017, it was reported by the international media that a bloody attack on a journalist prompted outrage in Italy and put the spotlight on suspected links between extreme right-wing politicians and organised crime in a suburb of Rome.
The video broadcast by RAI TV shows reporter Daniele Piervincenzi repeatedly asking Roberto Spada, whether his family supported CasaPound. After Spada replies to Piervincenzi’s question, he headbutts the journalist in the face and chases him with a baton hitting him on the back and neck. CasaPound a far right group, is anti-immigrant, anti-gay and extremely Nationalist; the new face of fascism.
In an essay published by Daniel Koehler in  PRISM on July 18, 2016, titled “Right-Wing Extremism and Terrorism in Europe Current Developments and Issues for the Future” he explains how “Europe has experienced a revival of militant right-wing extremist groups, networks, and incidents in recent years, with a surge of anti-immigration and Islamophobic violence, as well as anti-government attacks and assaults on political opponents, ethnic minorities, and homosexuals. Although not as significant as in Europe.”