Guest Post: The housing cheek of Michael Briguglio

Privileged Michael Briguglio’s attempt to rewrite history needs to be questioned.
We are told that ..he, his sister Marie his parents lived their lives in a grand house in Sliema which they never bought or paid a commercial rent for. No doubt his dad pleaded poverty and was given someone else’s house in Sliema we are told.
Do portraying himself or his dad as some sort of zealous warriors is a bit rich.
Does dear Michael still live off us taxpayers or did he make it on his own in the end?
The Briguglios are well known for their self serving opportunism. But its not enough. They want to be heroes too though his speeches show what a weak an wealy politician he really is.
Michael lost a party called AD and now he cannot be their mouthpiece he is moulding the non civil CSN to be his mouthpiece. The party of throwing tomatoes and bananas.
His Sliema upbringing did not do that much for him..clearly