Guest Post: PN and pastizzi politics

Sunday morning is for smiling, maybe even over some delicious pastizzi and we must say all of Malta must have smiled at Adrian Delia saying Malta had a culture of xejn m’hu xejn because of this government?

Hypocrisy and double standards of the PN knows no bounds. We certainly wish Adrian Delia well as we all benefit from an effective opposition but cheap shots and shooting from the hip used to work in the wild West of old but not here in Europe.

To talk like this, Adrian Delia, needs to lead a party which is clean with clean exponents. Yet who of moderate decent people in Malta believes just to take one random example of  a key PN exponent that Jason Azzopardi is clean? Clean financially and morally?  After all those Lands department stories not to mention other ones.

The general public will not swallow these allegations from a party which today has so little credibility on the moral and financial front, and whose leader was actually, according to the person they are wrongly using as their martyr, a person she had no truck with. Do the PN voters believe what Daphne wrote or do they not. And if they do where is his credibility?

On your bike PN or should we say…truck. Pastizzi politics just wont get votes back. Credibility and an original political direction might.