Guest Post: Less sweeping generalisations in 2018 from the media please

A Sunday Independent columnist called Alice, whose nationality is immaterial to us as we are all equal, recently wrote a dramatic and generalised headline that Malta was not a good place for  women.Well judging by some of the worlds most beautiful Hollywood women dressed in black at the Golden Globes Hollwood awards on Monday night, so many of whom have suffered sexual abuse, there are many countries where the challenges of sexual equality are still to be resolved. This protest happened in  the USA, and the victims who were protesting were mainly American women, rich and now powerful American women, at least compared to most of the women in the world.

Alice has also criticised the Maltese for being over patriotic in the past,as she says the Maltese get over jumpy when criticised. It’s not about that. It’s about silly generalisations that she and others make continually. The Maltese are this or that or the other. Other opinion writers do the same about others. Gozitans are different.The Americans are naive. The Italians eat well..Well the last one may be the most true of all.

Joking apart.People are the same the world over. Don’t those pretending to be liberals realise this? On Sky news last night a commentator from NYC said this about Donald Trump’s remarks about “big buttons” and being “a genius. “This NYC man said these comments “sounded like they came from the mouth of a 12 year old girl. “Girl not boy. Girl. While attacking Trump for being anti women, this supposed liberal, was himself being so misogynistic in saying that. Perhaps Alice could reflect on truth before she generalises about Malta. Sensational headlines are easy to write.Are the problems and challenges she describes only Maltese or the worst in Malta? It does not seem so.

Can we in 2018 start making less hysterical noises. Less superficial generalisations about men and women and of individual nationalities?After all in the UK only this week one rapist who was a black cab driver of possibly as many as hundreds of women,  was about to be released after only eight years. A few weeks for every rape essentially.Are we Maltese men and women then meant to write a headline like.England is a terrible place to be a woman? And send it to the UK press? We wonder how quickly they would run such a piece with so many shallow generalisations about all the English and England itself. But the PN biased media( though Alice is to her credit totally independent) currently loves to bring Malta and the Maltese down, now more than ever as they are now out of government, with their leader with an approval rating in single digits.