Guest Post: Fake crusaders

To condemn in this country has become a one-sided, biased matter that is dominated by groups and media whose crusade for and the human rights discourse stops with unfounded accusations against Dr. Joseph Muscat and his government.
If these groups were for real no-one would escape their scrutiny. So why is it that proven wrong doers such as Jason Azzopardi, Beppe Fenech Adami, Mario Demarco and Tony Bezzina are never mentioned by these crusaders? Why is it that the cedoli racket, the gross debt the PN has, the false declarations regarding DB group and Delia’s dabbling in pornography overlooked by these groups?
Why, we ask, are these crooks who brought this country’s economy to its knees, allowed to avoid facing up to their responsibilities and indiscretions with such impunity?
Why is it that an election for a party leader that was so evidently rigged, allowed to proceed?
Aren’t these actions by people examples of impunity in the face of justice? If this is happening while they are still in opposition, aren’t theseclear indicators of things to come if they were ever trusted to govern?