Guest Post: Democracy is dying in broad daylight – yes in the PN camp

So Frank Psaila has just posted on his blog with MT that ‘Democracy is dying in broad daylight’.

We will not bother to answer to his accusations within the blog, because what he’s said is nothing more than a remanufactured version of what has already been said by his Nationalist chums ad nauseum over the past three and half weeks.

Admittedly the title is correct because what is happening internally at the Dar Centrali is a real threat to democracy, even though the way that their leader was elected leaves much to be desired.
The wars that are ongoing in the PN camp remind you of the machinations by those famous characters who were in constant conflict with the millionaire JR Ewing within that famous Dallas soap opera of the ’80s. The only difference being that the character of JR Ewing as played by A. Delia owes millions.
  • M. Borg (slm)
  • Jg

    L MEP s nazzjonalisti imisshom jigu investigati sew fuq kif gie f idejjhom ir rapport tal FIAU.Dan suppost ikun sigriet sa kemm il kas ikun konkluz.
    Dawn qed igibu ghadab kbir fuqhom meta kull cans li jkollhom jippruvaw ihammgu lill Malta.
    Dawn jafu li UE u agenziji ohra kemm il darba taw rating tajjeb lill Malta.U mela ha noqoghdu nipprotestaw.

  • Abuirba

    Delia is a rejected leader from PN heavy weights — heqq la bellezza della Democrazia Cristiana !!!

  • Joe

    Democracy is telling us that we the people should now go to the streets and ask for the resignation of the Nationalist members or the European parliament, because they continuously try to destroy our country. So When are we going to show what the people really want Mr Bedingfield?

  • Spiru Friggieri

    Those resisting a democratically elected leader and democratically elected government are the ones who are contributing to oppress democratic process. The same people who are requesting resignations of public officers simply because a few hundreds go to the streets, hence undermining the rule of law!! Well done Dr Psaila!!!!