Guest Post: Delia super glue

After leading a campaign that exposed the divisions, which are breaking the PN, apart Delia has done it again by having the audacity to push his responsibility in the face of those who do not see eye to eye with him by saying that in order for the Nationalist Party to succeed it must come together and work on challenging the government and corruption in the country. The issue here is that like a broken vase, no matter how hard Delia tries the Nationalist party will never be whole again no matter how much super glue he tries to apply.
In his wisdom or naivety, Delia as the new unwanted and untrusted leader of the PN is working on the credo of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend!” Unfortunately for him this is a tactic that is outdated and will only serve to boomerang back onto his lap.
What Delia should be saying to honest PN supporters is how he will go about investigating the corruption that has led the PN to near bankruptcy and how he proposes to come clean with regards to the glaring accusations that were directed by the late DCG against him.
As to how to act as a leader who wants the PN whole again, he should stop the arrogance and start by accepting and admitting that the two electoral losses suffered by the PN are as glaring as court decisions delivering guilty sentences.
Since humility is a virtue that Delia and his cronies do not possess, expect them to continue with their usual rhetoric and arrogance as a means to deflect attention.