Ġbejna, anyone?

Marlene Farrugia has adamantly refused to take her cheesy comment back – the one she directed at Clint Camilleri – despite the Speaker’s ruling in this regard.  Although the functions of the Speaker of the House are to ensure that order is maintained during sittings and that rules and rulings are respected, Farrugia has shown exactly what she thinks of this particular ‘rule of (parliamentary) law’ and has given it her middle finger.

I look forward to reading articles about Marlene ignoring the rules (not just bending them) and the fact that this government has allowed her to do just that.   The last time this happened and a ruling was disobeyed was back in the 1970s.

In fact, I expect to read another article about how Labour keep taking us back in time.  Not Marlene, but Labour.  They have an incredible knack of blaming Labour for everyone’s mistakes.  Meanwhile Facebook has been full of cheesy jokes. Poor Godfrey is all I can say.