Delia and his xejn m’hu xejn shadow cabinet

Adrian Delia has been at the helm of the PN for quite a while now. He is trying to appear like the man in the street but the man in the street works hard, and not only on his image. What has he done since being elected?

Strangely enough, Delia has not even appointed his shadow cabinet. Months and months after winning a close race as one half or third of the PN did all they could to stop him. What is he waiting for to appoint his shadow cabinet? Is it that hard?

One might argue that he would like to keep the limelight only on him. Or more likely he is worried about who to appoint to which sector as so many Opposition Members of Parliament are not loyal to him, as we can see from Facebook posts, in the bars and coffee shops of Malta and Gozo. Adrian makes Theresa May’s internal struggles seem like plain sailing.

Or is this delay because he has no policies and is a bit scared, knowing some of the PN MPS  he has to appoint to spearhead these policies are wild cards, with wild thoughts about equal rights and many other matters.

If he cannot take decision while in Opposition, how can he deliver in government?