Can anyone reply to the question: What does the PN stand for?

Adrian Delia promised to be a new kind of leader. He had not been involved in politics before. He was to sweep away the old PN establishment and bring in a new way.
But six months down the line we still don’t know what he or his party stands for. The PN is in disarray under a leader who dawdles and excels in contradicting himself.
Delia hasn’t appointed his own shadow cabinet. The old team have stayed in place. Delia hasn’t even appointed anyone to the energy portfolio, which fell vacant when Jean Pierre Debono left Parliament to allow Delia a way in.
And Delia happily stood by and let Edwin Vassallo vote against a bill that transposes the Istanbul Convention against domestic violence into Maltese law. Vassallo had wanted a specific mention of the unborn child to be included. The Opposition filed an amendment to the bill to condemn abortion. Is this real?
Delia is going around saying that the PN is a positive party but actions speak louder than words. The doomers and gloomers are never far away.
So, what does the PN stand for today? Even Adrian Delia himself cannot answer the question.