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De Marco-Degiorgio-Delia

During Wednesday’s Parliamentary session, it became clear that one of the accused in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia has, for years, been an acquaintance of Mario De Marco. The Degiorgio family put their trust in Mario De Marco when they needed legal advice. Their relationship dates back many years; in 2011 his law firm […]

Giving truth the finger

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and isn’t that true of this picture? These people could be protesting at the withholding of evidence, demanding to know why police have not been able to recover the laptop Daphne Caruana Galizia had been working on prior to her murder, but that seems to be of […]


On the six month anniversary of Daphne ​Caruana Galizia’s death, PN leader Adrian Delia had this to say: Six months on No answers given No responsibility shouldered The people have the right to know The people demand #justice. Delia echoed Daphne’s supporters’ demands as they continue to protest and demand justice.  I would have expected […]

Dar Ċentrali Disharmony

Partit Nazzjonalista are proving again why they are not fit to govern. They are so bitterly divided that they were would rather tear themselves apart than put their country first. A meeting of the party’s Parliamentary Group, to discuss the Embryo Protection Bill, turned into a circus as members traded insults. Adrian Delia, who commands so little […]

Is this the laptop the Police are missing?

I am very surprised to learn that the only laptop given to court experts for examination and analysis in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder case was a  little tablet, which Daphne last used in 2015 and not since.  It is so obvious that this tablet was no more than a smokescreen. It is evidently clear that […]

Questions I received from The Guardian

As a politician I expect to face tough questions because it’s part of the job. But I have received a series of questions from the Guardian in the UK that are clearly worded to damage me and the Government. They illustrate just how little understanding there is about the way Daphne Caruana Galizia operated and […]

Kollox għal għajn in-nies

Il-Partit Nazzjonalista kien assenti għal kollox minn laqgħa tal-Kumitat għall-Ambjent tal-Parlament fejn kienet ikkomunikata u diskussa deċiżjoni importanti favur l-ambjent Malti u l-inħawi rurali taż-Żejtun. Filwaqt li fil-media u bil-paroli l-PN qal li qalbu taħarqu għall-ambjent, kien assenti għal kollox mill-kumitat li kellu wkoll l-irwol li jagħmel rakkomandazzjonijiet dwar x’inhi triq ‘il quddiem għaż-żona. Dan […]

A new cancer in politics

How far have the Opposition descended that they denounce a €5m boost for a cancer charity?   The Prime Minister pledged the money to Puttunu Cares on Xarabank. It comes from the Individual Investor Programme. But in the words of the PN deputy leader, Robert Arrigo, this was just a “show”. Jason Azzopardi said that […]

The great showman

It’s not often that Net TV is worth anyone’s time but their Telethon was comical. The music they are using to promote Adrian Delia is “This Is Me” from the film “The Greatest Showman”. I’m sure they paid the copyright. What? Adrian Delia is a great showman? That’s just too funny. But what about the […]

PN shoot themselves in the foot

It’s very inconvenient for PN that the economy is booming. It’s difficult to attack a government that has delivered a surplus, high employment and investment in education, health care, child care, housing and transport.   So, they try to find fault elsewhere but what a mess they make of it! Take Pilatus Bank.   PN […]

“Let justice take its course”

I cannot and will not be ignoring the arrest of Pilatus Bank Chairman Ali Sadr Hasheminejad even though I am a one man band, much like Manuel Delia.  He was up in the early hours of the morning blogging about it but somehow managed to miss a local arrest here for 36 hours straight.  Anyway, […]

No news to them

I am having trouble understanding why The Times have not said a word about Therese Commodini Cachia’s brother.  Yesterday marked the five month anniversary of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death. She was killed by a car bomb.  Another car bomb heist is being investigated and so far four people have been arrested, one of them the […]

All in the family … Double Standards galore!

I was not going to write anything about Therese Commodini Cachia and her siblings but just imagine for one second that a distant relative of mine was arrested in connection with a car bomb.   I know that if even the most remote distant relative of mine who lives in Timbaktu  was arrested in connection […]

Min ma jħallasx it-taxxa mhux kredibbli jitkellem fuq pensjonijiet

Prinċipju bażiku għall-pensjonijiet sostenibbli hu li l-poplu jħallas it-taxxa. U Kap li ma jħallasx it-taxxa ftit jista’ jkun kredibbli meta jitkellem dwar pensjonijiet b’saħħithom. Għax kif kien kiteb Delia nnifsu ftit tas-snin ilu “unless our leaders are not willing to lead by example they should not lead at all.” Għal min irid pensjonijiet sostenibbli u […]

Għal min ma jafx jaqra l-istatistika dwar il-faqar

Għal kuntrarju ta’ dak li qal il-Kap tal-Oppożizzjoni fl-aħħar sigħat, in-numru ta’ persuni f’riskju ta’ faqar jew esklużjoni soċjali mhux talli ma żdiedx fl-aħħar sentejn talli naqas b’14,000 persuna fl-ewwel tlett snin biss ta’ Gvern Laburista.   Dan wara li taħt Gvern Nazzjonalista bejn l-2008 u l-2013 kien żdied bi 18,000 persuna. Saħansitra kienet il-Kummissjoni […]