An open letter to MEPs visiting Malta by one of my readers

Dear MEPs,
You are most welcome to visit us anytime, any day as millions do. You require no invitation to do so as you will be welcomed with open arms.Malta is very proud if its EU membership and to date the Maltese retain the most faith in the EU compared to many of those around us.
As soon as you land you will realise you have been misled by a small band , whipped into a frenzy by an Opposition hell bent on theatrics and destruction. The party which was behind all the smear campaign against Malta is imploding as we speak. The Maltese roundly rejected the politics of fear and smear and the country wasted two months with an election campaign brought about by smears for which there was no evidence at all.
Malta is not lawless or a Mafia state. The new Opposition leader has said so publicly but he has around a third of his MPs who want him to continue in the same fear and smear vein. Talk to him in full confidence. He will explain to you the very clear and partisan political motivation behind this campaign to dirty Malta.
In fact it is the band who smear and fear who are pushing the government to do things which are lawless. Our own retired Judge from the European courts as well as our top academics have said one cannot fire the AG or the police commissioner on spurious political grounds. That would be illegal.
All the resources of this country have been put into the investigation of the murder of October 16th and we will not rest till the guilty are brought to justice. But we will do so lawfully and in full respect our our Constitution.
We will not succumb to the politics of fear and smear. We are Maltese and we welcome you any time any day and ask any questions you like. Our financial institutions are rock solid,as is our resolve to not let the harbingers of fear and smear tarnish our island.
Justice and goodness and the rule of law will continue to prevail.