All in the family … Double Standards galore!

I was not going to write anything about Therese Commodini Cachia and her siblings but just imagine for one second that a distant relative of mine was arrested in connection with a car bomb.


I know that if even the most remote distant relative of mine who lives in Timbaktu  was arrested in connection with a car bombing, everyone would be demanding my head on a plate.


Ivan #bananarep Camilleri (who has not said anything about this yet) would be tweeting like crazy.  Manuel Delia would have multiple orgasms and writing just as many articles .  The Shift would finally have something juicy to write about (but they would still manage to make it sound boring and drab) and Occupy Justice, Malta Politics and half of Facebook would be sharing the story and talking about the rule of law, conflict of interests and how ashamed they are to be Maltese and how this must be related to the Caruana Galizia car bomb and how I have to resign.


They already want to unseat me because of my work let alone if a distant relative of mine was a suspect in a car bomb!


I wasn’t going to write because I believe that people should not be held responsible for the mistakes of their siblings other family members. But when Malta Today corrected the story and said it was her younger brother Peter Paul and not her elder brother Frank, and saw Therese’s reaction I could no longer keep silent.  Because this has all the makings of a farce and I wish Daphne Caruana Galizia was here, just to see her squirm and try to wriggle her way around it.


After Therese Commidini Cachia’s first St Peter’s like denial claiming that she is not on speaking terms with her brother Frank, Daphne would have commented by now, probably to tell us how brave and righteous Therese is and how we are not our brother’s keepers, just as she had done when Chris Said’s brothers got into trouble.


She would forget how she turned her guns on Keith Schembri when a cousin of his had business problems and how she attacked John Dalli when his brother Bastjan was involved in some scandal.  Who cares whether Keith and his cousin or John and Bastjan were even on talking terms! Therese isn’t so it’s fine, all ok.


I could not resist not saying anything because this is a very unfair situation. Had a relative of mine been arrested all hell would break loose and an excuse like “I am not on speaking term with my relative” would not suffice.


Therese Commodini Cachia treated her brother like she treated her seat in Parliament! When after being elected to the national Parliament, first she refused the seat, only to accept it after a barrage of criticism.



After learning it was her other brother Peter, Commodini Cachia retracted her first statement only to let us know that she will support the family of her arrested brother  because “Like all families face difficulties so is mine”.


In this case neither journalist nor a spokesman on good governance will demand her resignation.


So the next time any of the so called ‘civil society’ and their cohorts of supporters and bloggers quote George Orwell’s famous quote, “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others” think twice.


The best bit of her comment was ‘unlike others I will let justice do its course’.  She should have said nothing (Kienet taqta’ figura aħjar). As if these people ever let justice take its course.


Commodini Cachia’s second statement was even worse than her first because she showed what kind of a person she is – tipo she will support brother B but not brother A. And what exactly does she mean by support? Will she be extending legal support to him?


Would that not constitute a conflict of interest?  And even if she is not his lawyer directly she has already said she will be supporting him so that means that behind the scenes she will be supporting him while still acting parte civile for Daphne Caruana Galizia’s family.


If that is not a conflict of interest, then I’m Twiggy.