A prejudiced delegation

It is now obvious that the MEPs who talk of rule of law need to be better versed in the spirit of the law. The law which state we are all innocent till proven guilty
These MEPs came here with misconceptions fuelled by Zammit Dimech, Roberta Metsola, David Casa, Jason Azzopardi and Jonathan Ferris. they did not have an open mind. They think they have the right to play judge and jury over Malta. This is very clear in their statements today.
Ana Gomez and her colleagues dont want to be persuaded otherwise. Like those countries who are jealous of Malta’s success as well as our observance of the real rule of law, they are not satisfied.
Before they came on a fact finding mission, they had already took the decision. They grumbled about who they would see and when they did meet everyone, well surprise surprise they still grumbled.
But nothing was ever going to satisfy them except for heads on a plate, or off with their heads as their blogger used to say.
Malta is hugely unimpressed by these shenanigans paid for by the EU taxpayer no less. Thank God we do have the rule of law in Malta, and these MEPs  have no mandate to judge us at all.
  • emmanuele grech

    Come on Glenn, you are surprised ???
    And after all, what happens now ? they are just a talking shop and they came for a holiday. End of story.l

  • Ann Galea

    I tell EU delegates to mind their business. They have a lot to put right in their countries. They are too jealous of our success. We have elected a democratic government and we will reelect it again and again

  • Douglas Camilleri Borg

    They had already made their decision before they arrived. They judged us before meeting us and in their prejudiced eyes, saw and heard only what they wanted to see and hear. And then they preach about justice.

  • JJC

    These MEP’s were already well informed against our country by Casa and the others. By talking to anti Labour groups shows how biased they are and would like to inflict trouble on our government. Seems to me they are a jealous lot and hate that our small country had all this success just as the PN do. Spite is the result of jealousy.

    • Josanne Holloway

      And what were the other Maltese MEPs saying then? Clearing nothing impressive.

      • Xandru.Gee

        They could have checked out how the PN governments failed to address the minority’s rights in our society. It is also pack and parcel of the rule of laŵ

  • philip camilleri

    If the worst come to the worst there should be anothet MALTEXIT

    • Josanne Holloway

      And who would want to pay for a Maltese passport then? Nobody. And where would people like our soldier of steel find employment- nowhere. And I thought the prime minister wanted Junker’s job next time round – no chance now it seems.

  • Jg

    For the sake of justice,the EU,Junker and Timmermens should question the affidability of this PANA commitee.
    They came to Malta uninimously brainwashed to condemn Malta no matter what they here and see. They most probably know that the big majority of the people of Malta are happy with how things are going here.
    What is happening in Malta and abroad is clearly to try to distabilise a small country which is prospering but under a Socialist Government.
    Some led by Simon just can t digest what happened in June 2017.Its clear its not the rule of law they are concerned about, but how to cause some havoc on the island.

  • nina

    U tajd mhux ha habbel rasu Joseph minn dawn lerba cocroach, laqwa ic cherry on the cake casa vaza.

  • Glenn Bedingfield

    Yes and she had made up her mind long before she came to Malta.

  • Alice Elizabeth

    “Like those countries who are jealous of Malta’s success as well as our observance of the real rule of law, they are not satisfied.”

    Are you high?

  • Douglas Camilleri Borg

    Ana Gomes showed her hostility to Malta years ago when she criticised us on the passport scheme (despite Portugal having its own Golden Residence Scheme, which you can buy for 500,000 euro and translates into citizenship). It was very odd, to say the least, that this precise MEP should have been chosen to judge us. If she had been a Maltese magistrate, Simon would have insisted on her recusal with foaming mouth.

  • Edward

    I feel so pleased I voted Brexit. You should have a referendum to leave this corrupt club too. It be one way of getting rid of the traitors in your midst who are doing their level best to harm Malta for their partisan agenda.

  • Kwarezimal

    Il- Bocca ghazlilhom ma min jiltaqghu!
    Give us a break!

  • David Farrugia

    Let me spell it out for you, Lucan, Anal Gomez is from Portugal. Portugal’s current credit rating is Ba1. Malta’s is A- (Moody’s).

  • Thorny
  • Kat

    Really and truly they were lead and guided by Casa. Enough said.

  • Kat

    They came here for a free break. Had they not been prejudiced they would have met a vast array of people rather than just those who play the tune of the PN Establishment.