A prejudiced delegation

It is now obvious that the MEPs who talk of rule of law need to be better versed in the spirit of the law. The law which state we are all innocent till proven guilty
These MEPs came here with misconceptions fuelled by Zammit Dimech, Roberta Metsola, David Casa, Jason Azzopardi and Jonathan Ferris. they did not have an open mind. They think they have the right to play judge and jury over Malta. This is very clear in their statements today.
Ana Gomez and her colleagues dont want to be persuaded otherwise. Like those countries who are jealous of Malta’s success as well as our observance of the real rule of law, they are not satisfied.
Before they came on a fact finding mission, they had already took the decision. They grumbled about who they would see and when they did meet everyone, well surprise surprise they still grumbled.
But nothing was ever going to satisfy them except for heads on a plate, or off with their heads as their blogger used to say.
Malta is hugely unimpressed by these shenanigans paid for by the EU taxpayer no less. Thank God we do have the rule of law in Malta, and these MEPs  have no mandate to judge us at all.