A new cancer in politics

How far have the Opposition descended that they denounce a €5m boost for a cancer charity?


The Prime Minister pledged the money to Puttunu Cares on Xarabank. It comes from the Individual Investor Programme. But in the words of the PN deputy leader, Robert Arrigo, this was just a “show”. Jason Azzopardi said that using IIP money was an insult to the Maltese people, while Beppe Fenech Adami even compared the Prime Minister with Toto Riina, saying that he too gave charitable donations during his reign of terror.


When cancer strikes it is devastating, not just for the individual but his or her family too. Anyone who accompanies a loved one to London for cancer treatment will tell you how their lives turn upside down. They miss work and lose pay, they have the cost and inconvenience of flying back and forth, and the bills pile up.


The €5m will help to buy more homes in London, like the flats Puttunu has in Sutton. It’s a boost, for example, for parents who want to remain close to their ill children. The families who stay in them won’t be talking of a “show”, they’ll be grateful for help at a time when they have never been so worried.


The PD leader, Anthony Buttigieg, said this was “the people’s money”, rather than an act of generosity on the part of the Prime Minister, which shows how clueless he is. This cash would not exist if the citizenship scheme did not exist. This is money that would have gone elsewhere if the Government hadn’t spotted the potential to boost the nation’s revenues in such an innovative way.


You’d think it was a no-brainer to use this windfall money to help cancer sufferers but that hasn’t stopped the Times of Malta starting an online poll. Maybe they should ask “Do you think sanctimonious PN politicians should come first before cancer sufferers?”


And the Je Suis Daphne account on Twitter has got in on the act, suggesting the money be returned.


Most Maltese will despair of these over-the-top reactions. They were so moved by the plight of cancer sufferers to donate €1.6m themselves. They will welcome the extra €5m as the right thing to do, putting a boost to government revenues to good use.

Given that the deputy PN leader thinks this is a show, the question for Adrian Delia now is: will any future PN government deny funding to such organisations?