A dying PN wants to kill Malta

To their eternal shame the PN is trying to harm Malta’s reputation abroad. That means endangering all the jobs in the burgeoning private sector. It means putting our one of a kind social care benefits like universal childcare at risk. It mean putting salary increases in the public sector at risk. It means putting at risk all those who are working in financial services and gaming.

Many countries and interests groups are jealous of Malta’s success. So it does not take much for them to brand Malta a tax haven , a mafia state and worse. But we all know it isn’t true. Had there not been rule of law in Malta how would the Law Courts decided against the Prime Minister and his government? How would there be protests every Sunday if there is no freedom of expression?
People are more concerned with the Leader of the Opposition rather than by the rule of law according to a MISCO scientific survey published last week on The Sunday Times.

However, the anti-Malta campaign is in full blast at the European Parliament. Nevertheless, while Malta enjoys the rule of law he Nationalist Party in the European Parliament is against sending a delegation to investigate the rule of law in Hungary

They voted against sending a mission to investigate the rule of law and other failings in Hungary, which have been reported about several times. The vote was taken this week, at the same time that the PN MEPs are working tirelessly against Malta.

The vote to send a delegation to Hungary was taken after the European Parliament agreed to a resolution that accuses Hungary of going against the rule of law, the rights of civil society rights, civil liberties including LGBTIQ, irregular migrants’ rights, pluralism in Universities and education, amongst others.

While the PN is supporting Hungary against sending a delegation of the European Parliament to investigate grievous accusations, it is supporting a resolution against Malta. This resolution is replete with points that have nothing to do with the debate on the rule of law, and instead includes issues which certain political groups and MEPs always used to attack the economic services Malta has to offer.

The Nationalist Party is simply working against Malta for its partisan matters and prefer to stand up for other countries rather than standing up for their own country.