Only the few are fooled

Banners proclaiming ‘Welcome to Malta – Keith’ and ‘This is my Territory – Keith’ have been set up at the airport and on bridges in an attempt to damage and discredit this government and paint this country as some kind ‘off limit’ lawless place.That is to be expected.

What is really incredible is that from some of the comments posted below the article that appeared on the Times, some of these commentators actually believe that these banners were set up by the government or Keith Schembri himself.

No wonder the PN fooled these people for so long.

Il-PN ipokrita u ma jafx xi jrid

Il-livelli ta’ opportuniżmu politiku tal-Partit Nazzjonalista qed iġibuh f’sitwazzjoni fejn joħroġ biċ-ċar li ma jafx xi jrid. Dan għax filli jistaqsi lill-Ministri fhix waslu l-investigazzjonijiet u filli jitkaża għaliex Ministru staqsa fhix waslet investigazzjoni wara lment li rċieva li l-istess investigazzjoni setgħet ma kinetx qed titmexxa bis-serjetà.

Fil-fatt, jirriżulta li kienet persuna li qed tallega li ġiet frodata li lmentat li l-investigazzjoni f’każ fejn kienet vittma ma kienx miexi. Għalhekk il-Ministru staqsa, u mhux indaħal, fhix waslet l-investigazzjoni.

Min jgħid li dan l-intervent kien indħil mhux xieraq qiegħed iqarraq. Il-Kap tal-Partit Nazzjonalista, Adrian Delia, għal darba oħra qed jinqabad f’kontradizzjoni biex jgħoġob l-establishment li wiegħed li jneħħi.

Għax filli jgħid li jrid l-informazzjoni u filli jitlob ir-riżenja ta’ min talab l-informazzjoni. Jekk irid riżenji ta’ responsabbiltà politika għandu jibda billi jdur dawra madwaru u jsib sensiela minn fost dawk li sas-sajf li għadda wiegħed li jneħħi u llum spiċċa jibża’ li jneħħu lilu.

Spend, spend, spend to your heart’s content

When you consider the millions of euros debt that the PN accumulated over the years you cannot help but be stunned by the fact that this is indicative of gross mismanagement. Worse still this inability to manage their finances was reflected in how this country’s economy under a PN administration was brought down on its knees. A situation that is very worrying indeed.
The first question that comes to mind is: how is it possible for a party that was 23 years in government to accumulate so much debt?
Actually this is quite easy to answer. Since EFA’s credo was “money no problem”, they had his blessing to spendspendspend to their heart’s content.
Today it was reported that in 2015, HSBC was worried that PN would be unable to settle €7 million and as a result the decision was taken to sell 10 PN clubs.
Could you see the PN selling 10 clubs if in 2013 they were elected as government ?

An open letter to MEPs visiting Malta by one of my readers

Dear MEPs,
You are most welcome to visit us anytime, any day as millions do. You require no invitation to do so as you will be welcomed with open arms.Malta is very proud if its EU membership and to date the Maltese retain the most faith in the EU compared to many of those around us.
As soon as you land you will realise you have been misled by a small band , whipped into a frenzy by an Opposition hell bent on theatrics and destruction. The party which was behind all the smear campaign against Malta is imploding as we speak. The Maltese roundly rejected the politics of fear and smear and the country wasted two months with an election campaign brought about by smears for which there was no evidence at all.
Malta is not lawless or a Mafia state. The new Opposition leader has said so publicly but he has around a third of his MPs who want him to continue in the same fear and smear vein. Talk to him in full confidence. He will explain to you the very clear and partisan political motivation behind this campaign to dirty Malta.
In fact it is the band who smear and fear who are pushing the government to do things which are lawless. Our own retired Judge from the European courts as well as our top academics have said one cannot fire the AG or the police commissioner on spurious political grounds. That would be illegal.
All the resources of this country have been put into the investigation of the murder of October 16th and we will not rest till the guilty are brought to justice. But we will do so lawfully and in full respect our our Constitution.
We will not succumb to the politics of fear and smear. We are Maltese and we welcome you any time any day and ask any questions you like. Our financial institutions are rock solid,as is our resolve to not let the harbingers of fear and smear tarnish our island.
Justice and goodness and the rule of law will continue to prevail.

Guest Post: The housing cheek of Michael Briguglio

Privileged Michael Briguglio’s attempt to rewrite history needs to be questioned.
We are told that ..he, his sister Marie his parents lived their lives in a grand house in Sliema which they never bought or paid a commercial rent for. No doubt his dad pleaded poverty and was given someone else’s house in Sliema we are told.
Do portraying himself or his dad as some sort of zealous warriors is a bit rich.
Does dear Michael still live off us taxpayers or did he make it on his own in the end?
The Briguglios are well known for their self serving opportunism. But its not enough. They want to be heroes too though his speeches show what a weak an wealy politician he really is.
Michael lost a party called AD and now he cannot be their mouthpiece he is moulding the non civil CSN to be his mouthpiece. The party of throwing tomatoes and bananas.
His Sliema upbringing did not do that much for him..clearly

Guest Post: Delia super glue

After leading a campaign that exposed the divisions, which are breaking the PN, apart Delia has done it again by having the audacity to push his responsibility in the face of those who do not see eye to eye with him by saying that in order for the Nationalist Party to succeed it must come together and work on challenging the government and corruption in the country. The issue here is that like a broken vase, no matter how hard Delia tries the Nationalist party will never be whole again no matter how much super glue he tries to apply.
In his wisdom or naivety, Delia as the new unwanted and untrusted leader of the PN is working on the credo of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend!” Unfortunately for him this is a tactic that is outdated and will only serve to boomerang back onto his lap.
What Delia should be saying to honest PN supporters is how he will go about investigating the corruption that has led the PN to near bankruptcy and how he proposes to come clean with regards to the glaring accusations that were directed by the late DCG against him.
As to how to act as a leader who wants the PN whole again, he should stop the arrogance and start by accepting and admitting that the two electoral losses suffered by the PN are as glaring as court decisions delivering guilty sentences.
Since humility is a virtue that Delia and his cronies do not possess, expect them to continue with their usual rhetoric and arrogance as a means to deflect attention.

A gift from Said for Delia

Chris Said executed the plan for PN to set up a trust to organise a sell off of 10 of its buildings. The plan was drafted by him during the period he was Secretary General. And now Adrian Delia is left facing the music!

PN is a party with debts running into millions. It’s spending a fortune on interest to service debt. It’s useless media arm is another financial drain.

It’s strange, isn’t it? The economy is booming. All sectors are doing well. The sun is shining everywhere, except for a dark gloomy cloud over Dar Centrali.

A little wonder why people do not Trust Simon

Now we know that while Simon Busuttil was busy campaigning against trusts his party was secretly setting one up.

The Times of Malta says PN established a trust in 2015 to manage the sale of ten of its properties. It is registered  to the private address of former Foreign Affairs Minister and EU Commissioner Joe Borg “for income tax purposes.”

There is nothing illegal about this but a trust is a trust and if all trusts are bad then Simon Busuttil set up a trap for himself.

It’s little wonder the electorate didn’t trust this man.

Politika Onesta: PN set up a trust in 2015 to sell properties, The Times reveals

The Times broke the news today that in 2015 the PN set u a trust to manage its sale of properties. Ten properties in all were earmarked for sale within a financial plan stretching out over 10 years. The financial plan was drafted by Chris Said during the period he was Secretary General.

Ironically, the trust was set up at the height of Simon Busuttil’s anti trust campaign and for the same reasons. To manage property sale. One can argue that the trust is registered in Malta and what not, however, if trusts are bad, a trust is a trust is a trust, isn’t it?

At the time the PN’s slogan was, Politika Onesta.

Here is what The Times reported:

The Nationalist Party pledged to sell 10 of its clubs over 10 years when it was faced with soaring debt repayments in 2015, the Times of Malta has learnt.

Party sources said a financial structure called Patria Trust had been set up to sell clubs over the course of a decade to “get some breathing space” from the rising interest rates on its multimillion-euro debt.

“At some point, the interest rate on the debt would have reached levels we would not have been able to cope with. It got to a stage where something had to be done or the banks would start seizing assets,” said the source, who is familiar with the PN’s financial situation.

The deed of the trust was made at HSBC Bank’s Valletta office around mid-2015 as part of a “securitisation process”.

It raised about €2 million from the initiative, the sources said.

Former PN foreign affairs minister and former European commissioner Joe Borg is the sole trustee of Patria, which for income tax purposes lists his Swieqi home as its registered address. The ultimate beneficiary, however, is the PN itself.

Among the party clubs covered by the trust are those in Cospicua, Qormi (Anici), St Paul’s Bay, Birżebbuġa, Fleur de Lys and Żejtun.

If we can find another way to make the most of these assets, then that should be explored

Media reports about the PN’s plans to sell one or two of its clubs raised eyebrows in recent weeks and prompted questions on the party’s financial stability.

“The situation was such that this was more about debt management than wealth management. I can’t really fault the previous [party] administration for trying to find ‘creative’ ways to address the situation. That said, this does give an idea of how serious the financial situation was and still is,” the sources added.

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia would not confirm or deny the existence of the trust but told the Times of Malta he was “examining the situation”.

One option currently being explored by the party is to find ways to make good on its obligation to debtors by renting out clubs and converting them into catering or commercial establishments without necessarily having to sell them.

“The main challenge is finding ways to make these properties work for you,” Dr Delia said.

“With property prices so high, the temptation might be to sell and take advantage, but if we can find another way to make the most of these assets, then that should be explored,” he added.

Dr Delia referred to recent media reports that the party’s finances would run dry by January as “untrue”, pointing out that a bigger concern than the party clubs was the media arm, which was “a large expense”.

The party sources said a promise of sale agreement had already been signed for the Cospicua club, while the sale of the Għaxaq and Żejtun clubs was currently “on hold”.






Guest Post: When stealing your money with double taxation on motor vehicles was the rule of law under a PN government

Sourced from the Malta Independent.

In 2006 the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee approved an amendment tabled by the then leader of the opposition, Dr. Joseph Muscat calling on member states “to refrain from imposing double taxation in the case of Vehicle Registration Taxes, especially on those EU citizens returning to their country of origin.”

The amendment was backed by the committee’s argument that “member states are strongly urged to refrain from imposing double taxation in the case of registration taxes; particular consideration should be given to the case of EU citizens returning to their country of origin after spending more than two years in another member state.”

Joseph Muscat said that “The Maltese government is not only imposing a high level of what is essentially double taxation on Maltese returned migrants, but is also preventing Maltese citizens and foreign residents in our country from benefiting from the internal market in this sector.”

The report also suggested the incorporation of a refund system to compensate those who would have already paid a registration tax. The Committee approved further amendments by Joseph Muscat calling for this refund system to be fair and transparent.”

As expected due to the lack of hard cash available in its coffers the Nationalist government was against such a change.

It was only when the Labour party was elected to government that a refund system was put into place give back to the public what was rightfully theirs.

The PN is in no position to teach anyone about the rule of law.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

In the past days it was reported in the Malta Independent that the Caruana Galizia family filed a criminal complaint against OPM employee Neville Gafà, reason being that “he stalked the journalist one day before she was murdered.”

Over the past few days there have been a spat of incidents and accusations against anyone who has dared express his disgust vociferously against what happened in Brussels, to the extent of having a 66 year old arrested. Although his comment was unmerited and stupid, this is what is called ‘staging’ and it is an old Nationalist tactic aimed to sway public opinion.

Let’s not forget that these same people who are now crying foul had no problem with their mother when she encouraged people to shoot the Prime minister or hang Labour ministers like Mussolini. If we had to arrest all the Nationalist trolls who expressed themselves similarly against the government and its members we would be accused of being a regime; you see, you can never really win against these people because in their mind’s eye they are righteous, and Joseph Muscat will not resort to these methods.

Coming back to Caruana Galizia family, while we understand that these are difficult times for them, to suggest that Neville  Gafà’s “behaviour qualified as stalking according to Malta’s criminal code” is beyond far fetched.

Daphne Caruana Galizia was known to upload photos of public persons during private events, so by their admission her family is saying that their late mother was guilty of stalking. She bragged about an international network of spies and one could not walk the streets of Valletta without being spotted by her friends and relatives who quickly report back to base in Bidnija with pictures and what not.

So please give us a break.

If anything the behaviour that qualified as criminal were the death threats she received from the Delia camp when she was criticising him for months on end during his leadership campaign.

Guest Post: Spiraling disaster

Many have been following the PN saga during these last few months in disbelief. Now we have been told that the PN is in a worse financial  state than first believed. Simon has left the PN finances in a total mess. What on earth has he been doing these last four years? Where has the ‘cedoli’ money gone? Where has the ‘mosaic’ money gone? The money from the phone ins? Have they nothing to show for it? Simon is a liability, he’s been tried and tested and the people have shown him the door. Barra!
Now to top it all off, we have a new kap, Delia. Delia who can’t even keep his own finances in the black. How is he to be trusted with making the right financial decisions for his own party? And where on earth will the wages of Pierre Portelli (and the others) come from? Please don’t tell me there will be another ‘DB’ set up.
And what of the paid up members? They look on with a sense of impending doom. They process all that is happening in the quiet of their homes, the financial disaster, the lack of quality and experience of the new leadership and the hamstrung Simon (why is he still here?) and his clique. Looks like there is no light at the end of a long dark tunnel.

The Right Way – A Déjà Vu

When the coffers of this country were bled dry by PN administrations, they resorted to earn hard cash by introducing half baked ideas that in most instances were one time cash generators.

One of the earliest were amnesties that were granted to those who had undeclared funds abroad. These generated one time fine payments that were meant to help shore up our failing economy. Another cash generating scheme was to have buildings with irregularities, regularised against a one time fine payment.

When the national debt spiralled out of control they started selling Malta’s assets left, right and centre. The sale of our ‘family silver’ and other bodged up schemes all contributed to the sorry state of this country’s economy at the end of the PN’s 23 year stint in government.

As with these amnesties, the PN the cedoli scheme was a short term money making exercise aimed to shore up their increasing interest payments. To pay off debt Simon Busuttil started to sell off PN clubs at will.

As a promise to PN supporters and as a ruse to steal their votes, Delia with his promise of a New Way told them that no more clubs would be sold. His failure to keep his promise within a few weeks of his election win, not to sell the PN’s clubs, their capital, their family silver, sort of reminds you of the bad old days when this country’s economy was crumbling.

With a party so bereft of ideas for its own good, would you trust them at this country’s helm?

The nationalists have never been that good at generating cash on an ongoing basis. However, they are experts at spending it. No wonder they are so green with envy, with all the cash being generating and no way for them to get their hands on it.

Delia facing revolt from sectional committees over sale of party clubs

As if problems within the Parliamentary Group are not enough for Adrian Delia, he is facing a revolt from PN sectional committees over the sale of clubs which he promised he would not sell if elected leader. Last night’s IVF vote in Parliament wasn’t the only disappointment for the new leader.

The Nationalist Party will obviously deny that the situation of its financial situation is what it is. Politically speaking, Delia cannot even contemplate the possibility of having a situation where employees don’t receive their salaries.

In meetings that took place with new media CEO Pierre Portelli over the past days, employees have voiced there concerns and the reply they got was very disappointing to say the least.  The take it or leave it stance adopted by Portelli angered staffers most of whom have been giving service to the party for many years.

Advertising revenue has plummeted and donations have practically stopped. Missing out on the September fund raiser due to the election of the new party leader left its toll on the payroll current account. In previous years, money collected in September was used to pay salaries till end of year. But not this year.

The only money left in the bank is ‘ċedoli’ money and it was never meant to be used for salaries. If the administration uses the ‘ċedoli’ deposits for salaries they will encounter other problems with banks and creditors in few months as funds will be drained.

Two party clubs, Cospicua and Floriana, will be sold in January, with money going immediately to the banks. There is a third club being negotiated but Delia is facing a revolt within sectional committees since he has promised to stop the sale of party clubs.

Speaking in Mosta during his campaign for party leader he had clearly stated that “PN party clubs need to be strengthened not sold”. It was music to the supporters’ ears.

Yesterday a meeting was held late in the evening at Parliament with the Santa Venera sectional committee to discuss what’s to happen with the Fleur de Lys club. The outcome was very unpleasant for Delia and his team of advisors. The Committee is vociferously opposed to relinquishing their foothold in Fleur de Lys.


Jonqsu t-tfal f’riskju ta’ faqar

Ninnotaw b’sodisfazzjon il-fatt li t-tfal taħt it-tmintax-il sena f’riskju ta’ faqar jew esklużjoni soċjali naqsu b’6,000 mill-bidla fil-gvern.

Statistika tal-Eurostat ippubblikata din il-ġimgħa turi kif filwaqt li fl-2013 kien hemm 24,000 tifel u tifla f’riskju ta’ faqar is-sena li għaddiet dan niżel għal 18,000 tifel u tifla.

Filwaqt li l-Partit Laburista jħeġġeġ il-gvern ma jieqafx jaħdem biex jekk jista’ jkun dan in-numru jiġi fix-xejn, jilqa’ l-fatt li l-bidla fil-gvern fissret li dan in-numru niżel, wara żidiet fil-leġiżlatura li għaddiet fejn bejn l-2010 u l-2013 tela’ minn 21,000 għal 24,000.

It-tnaqqis fil-faqar hu frott ta’ miżuri ċari ta’ Gvern immexxi mill-Partit Laburista, fosthom l-inwork benefit u t-tapering tal-benefiċċju. Issa wieħed iħares ‘il quddiem biex jibda jara wkoll il-frott taż-żieda fil-paga minima.

Ninnotaw ukoll b’sodisfazzjoni li inizjattivi li tħabbru u li qed ikomplu jitħabbru juru kif għal dan il-gvern il-ġlieda kontra l-faqar tibqa’ prijorità.