Alfred Mifsud: A footnote in PN’s history

This is another good article penned by Alfred Mifsud on how Adrian Delia might end up as a footnote in PN’s history:

Guest Post: A truly legitimate government

A few moments ago the Malta Today uploaded two articles by Raphael Vassallo and former PN minister Michael Falzon. In their own way the authors of both articles attempt to reign in those PN mavericks who at the moment believe that they can overthrow this government for the sake of democracy in a totally undemocratic way. 
May I say that this is happening because the vision of the PN’s 1980s glory days is being used by unscrupulous PN party hacks to cloud pepple’s judgement.
Raphael’s post ‘If you want to ‘Occupy Castille….win an election’ looks at the current situation from various angles and even points out that what is happening is unacceptable in foreign democracies. 
What is sure is that all that is happening since DCG murder, is nothing short of “a rallying cry to overthrow a legitimate, democratically-elected government.” And simply put it is nothing short of an encouragement for a Coup d’Etat. Which means that ironically, whoever is behind this is undermining democracy.
In his post ‘People don’t have opinions they have parties’, Michael Falzon talks along the same lines, albeit from a different point of view. He goes a step further by adding that the current situation cannot be applied on the model of the 1981 general election, because in June 2017 the “PN lost the election with a bigger vote gap than it lost four years ago, so there is no moral justification for the PN to attempt to destabilise the country.”
However I cannot agree with his claim that when the PN won the popular vote and a minority of seats in 1981, this created a politically untenable situation. Even if he says so, at that time the PN’s struggle was not justified, not even on moral grounds because its actions in not accepting the election result, was totally unconstitutional. Therefore the situation that EFA created when he ordered his supporters to disobey the rule of law was in itself an attempt on democracy.
In 1982 the PN had a 4000 popular vote majority and a parliamentary seat minority. This amount fades in comparison to Hillary Clinton’s popular vote majority of 1.3 million. But did the US Democratic Party throw any tantrums? No, they accepted the result. 
Now let’s do some math and for a moment imagine that in Malta had the same population as America and people eligible to vote in Malta were at par with America in 2016. That would mean that the number of persons eligible to vote would be 250 million. 
However while of all the Americans eligible to vote only 55.5% or 139 million cast their vote, in Malta  92% or 227 million would have cast their vote. Thus the 40, 000 vote majority that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat enjoys would by ratio translate to 26 million votes. 
Now how’s that for a truly legitimate government?

Noel Grima knows this movement is not Malta’s civil society

Noel Grima was one of Daphne’s bosses and an editor at the Sunday Independent. So he is hardly a PL fanatic and what he says bears some weight.
Read his article last Sunday. He too like the rest of the truly civil Malta was shocked by how the demonstration has already moved from sadness at Daphne’s death to picking on people like the Police Commissioner and Attorney General in a  truly bullying way. Nobody better exemplified this than the swollen hater of all things Labour, Andrew Borg Cardona who wants to storm Castile by screeming “Kastilja tagħna” instead he got a banana by one of the protesters.
That is what these protesters look and behave like. A bunch of bullies, many of them the women Daphne lambasted so effectively for being pretentious, obsessed with their looks and moneyed husbands. She would have hated what they are doing.
Let her rest in peace and as she would tell them all. Get a life. Malta’s truly civil people and true civil society is quietly mourning, quietly hoping the killers will be brought to justice.

Guest Post: Shouldering responsibility

This post is being presented in two languages so that nothing that is being quoted at the end has its meaning detracted. 
Over the past days since DCG’s atrocious murder, a lot has been said to the point of being nauseous. No one deserves to die at someone else’s hands because life is too short and too precious to snuff out. 
However, no one can deny the fact that those who ended in her sights suffered a lot from her attacks, often supported by those who through their comments on her blog encouraged her to continue in this vein. 
Even persons in high places, such as the Archbishop, thought that her vitriolic attacks was fine and instead of reigning her in, chose to attack this blog instead thus giving her encouragement to continue. For this reason and this reason only the Archbishop needs to shoulder responsibility for what has happened too. 
Even those, (with the exception of Dr. Simon Mercieca) who concluded that the PN lost two elections as a result of her involvement in the PN’s operations have changed their tune. This exposes the degree of hypocrisy that Nationalists will resort to, in order to gain political mileage. 
Among those showering the late DCG with eulogies, the most obvious and biggest hypocrite among these is Dr. Adrian Delia, who together with the other Nationalist MPs is milking the situation to its maximum local and abroad for their benefit, in an attempt to save their fast sinking ship. However, what has been said has been said and no matter how much they’ll try to deny it the damage is done.
Malta Today’s editorial of the 29th October ‘Salvaging Muscat’s Legacy’ is a shocking piece, because it is so far off track that in its attempt to place full responsibility on the Prime minister’s shoulders it shows just how keen some journalists are to push the blame on to others and brush the responsibility off their own shoulders.
For journalists and opinionists, what happened should bring them to their senses to the fact that they are responsible for what they write. Let’s not forget that these same persons had no issue when labourites, even dead ones were attacked by the late DCG, which in itself was a form of encouragement.
Where was the Institute of Journalists, the Archbishop and other personalities when innocent people were being targeted ruthlessly?
Moreover, to show just how much journalists should share the blame, here is a section of a piece that appeared before last June’s election in the Malta Today. 
“Jien lil Caruana Galizia nikkunsidraha mhux biss perikoluża imma miġnuna.
Meta ħarġet il-logs tat-telefonati tiegħi li mhumiex għal kollox korretti, ma kienx hemm wieħed imġiddem li nissel kelma. Karl Wright bħala IĠM kellimtu, u wara li kellimtu tista’ timmaġina x’għamel…un bel kazz. Kif jgħid il-Malti l-IĠM ma jiswiex karlin.”

The civil society is very selective about justice

The Civil Society Network was happy to let hardline Nationalists take central stage at its rallies but still insists it is non-partisan. It calls for justice but is very selective about the issues that concerns it.
Where was civil society when the PN did not want divorce and did not want equal rights for gay people?
Where was civil society when the current PN moved a motion to discriminate against lesbian couples?
Where was civil society when Oilgate was exposed and we found out that we had been fleeced for decades?
Where was civil society when George Pullicino ran MEPA like his private fiefdom?
Where was civil society when an attempt was made to blow up the house of the editor of Orizzont?
The murder of Daphne Carauna Galizia was an horrific act, and everyone wants her killers brought to justice. But people haven’t forgot how PN ruled the country. The silent majority know that things are better now, not just financially but morally and ethically too.

L-Għajta tal-poplu …

X’inhi eżattament l-għajta tal-poplu bħalissa? Il-Poplu jrid serħan il-moħħ, irid it-trankwillita, irid ix-xogħol, irid li ssir ġustizzja, irid is-serjeta’, irid istituzzjonijiet b’saħħithom li jaħdmu u jiddefendu d-drittijiet tiegħu.

Ftit mijiet ta’ nies f’Ta’ Sliema ma jirrappreżentawx lil poplu. Huma parti minn poplu li qed jinqdew bi qtil ta’ persuna għall-iskop ta’ min qed imexxihom, Michael Briguglio tal-koalizzjoni ta’ Simon.

Andrew Borg Cardona qal li kien hemm 15,000 ruħ li attendew għat-tieni protesta tal-bieraħ organizzata mis-‘soċjeta ċivili’. Min hu ċivili ma jmurx jagħajjat “Kastilja tagħna” u min hu ċivili ma jsejjaħx għal riżenja ta’ persuni f’karigi għolja sempliċiment għax ma jgħoġobhomx minn hemm fil-kariga.

L-għajta tal-poplu qed tidwi u tinstema’ imma m’hijiex l-għajta li tgħoġob lis-soċjeta suppost ċivili. Ċivili nsomma, Andrew Borg Cardona li jagħajjar “motherfucker” lil Prim Ministru u “bitch” lil Ira Losco għax ħaseb li se tirbaħ l-Eurovision. Dik mġieba ċivili!

Il-maġġoranza tal-poplu Malti ippreferiet tibqa’ d-dar u tixtarr fuq dak li għaddej, li jingħad u li jsir. Kif qed iġibu ruħhom il-politiċi u dawk li jsejħu lilhom nfushom ċivili.

Mbagħad ċivili ieħor li mar jipprotesta kontra l-istituzzjonijiet, Richard Cachia Caruana li dejjem ġie jaqa’ u jqum mill-istitutzzjonijiet.

Akkumpanjat minn żewġ saċerdoti qishom l-akkolti tiegħu, Fr Joe Borg Kap tal-Media tal-Knisja u Fr Michael Bugeja iċ-ċerimonier tal-Arċisqof, Richard Cachia Caruana niżel ukoll fit-toroq ta’ Ta’ Sliema.

Richard Cachia Caruana, il-persuna li għamel karriera sħiħa jimmanipula meta kien fil-gvern u l-PN. Li ġie jaqa’ u jqum meta l-Parlament sfiduċjah u l-anqas wieħed li jista’ jitkellem fuq l-indħil tal-politiċi fl-investigazzjoni tal-Pulizija.

Richard Cachia Caruana u sħabu ma jirrappreżentawx lil poplu. Jirrappreżentaw sezzjoni ta’ nies li ma aċċettawx ir-riżultat tal-aħħar elezzjoni ġenerali u tal-elezzjoni għall-Kap tal-PN.

Read and ask yourselves why?


This is a press release by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit. Read it and ask yourselves why there are people who want to take this course of action and what do they gain by it?

The Board of Governors of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit wishes to point to the very capricious and irresponsible use of words in describing two applications legitimately filed by it in the Industrial Tribunal in the case concerning a claim of unfair dismissal by one of its former employees as an attempt to muzzle an ex-FIAU employee.

The applications filed by the FIAU are aimed at ensuring that the parties to the case before the Industrial Tribunal follow the procedural and substantive law in pleading the case.

They were filed upon the collective decision of the Board and the Director, and not only of the Attorney General who chairs the Board.

It is the Prevention of Money Laundering Act itself which in article 34 applies strict confidentiality to the internal affairs of the Unit, and this in line with the very nature of the Unit as an intelligence agency. The provisions on secrecy in the Prevention of Money Laundering Act are not a capricious and are not unique to Maltese law. They are the international norm for intelligence agencies and a fundamental prerequisite for the same agencies to be able share information. Actions which undermine this principle will induce marginalization of Maltese agencies from the international community and will substantially weaken Malta’s ability to fight organised crime, money laundering, and the funding of terrorism.

This is no attempt to gag any party to the case. It is a claim to find a proper balance between the applicant’s right to a fair trial and the legal obligations of the Unit based on its genuine security needs. Moreover, the claim was filed only after the applicant unilaterally presented an affidavit including information which has no relevance to his claim of unfair dismissal, but which gives publicity to internal FIAU matters in a manner appearing to seek publicity to confidential information for its own sake.

The question of finding a balance between interests such as security and the right to a fair trial is one about which a number of prominent courts have pronounced themselves, and the Industrial Tribunal should be allowed the opportunity to decide upon the applications without undue political or other pressure.

Alfred Mifsud: Life goes on

I read this blog post by Alfred Mifsud and thought it would be appropriate to share it with the readers of this website.

Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it

This Lovin Malta story epitomises everything you need to know about the ‘protestors’.

They asked for electricity.  They got it.  They asked for electricity hoping that it would be refused.  When it wasn’t refused, they themselves refused it and gave this as a reason:


“We had asked  St. James Cavalier to see if we could use an electricity line, and they said yes – but we didn’t expect the government to use this to their credit, to spin it in their favour. When we realised that, we said ‘no we don’t want it, we will find alternative forms of electricity”.


Maybe what they should have said is something on these lines. 


“We  had asked St James Cavalier to see if we could use an electricity line hoping they would refuse our request.   When they didn’t we realised we got what we didn’t really want.  What we wanted was a fight.   We didn’t actually expect the government to give us electricity and we were hoping they would refuse.  When the government gave us what we wanted, we realized that our plan to try to use this against the government had failed and that we no longer had any use for it.  At least Tony Zarb gave us the fight we wanted.  Had he not, it would  have all  been so boring.”


I mean, let’s face it …who asks for electricity and then refuses it as soon as it is given?

Guest post: Where were you when I was called a whore?

I have been following recent events silently, afraid to comment. Freedom of expression is the latest buzzword but the last thing I feel is free to express myself.  If I do, I will be attacked, ridiculed and vilified  I had every intention of remaining silent but after the fuss that was made because of Tony Zarb’s stupid comment  I have decided to speak up – anonymously. I cannot do otherwise in this country.

Maybe that makes me a mouse and a coward but it is no different to all the cowards who used to post anonymously underneath Daphne Caruana Galizia’s articles, encouraging her whenever she incited hatred and spewed gossip, rumours and lies and who shared her posts.  I am afraid to speak up as the people behind this camp(aign)ing have the means to ruin my career. They call themselves the Civil Society Network.
They are a good network of course, but definitely not a civil one, with zero respect for the institutions. Giving a helping hand to the PN and to their husbands is their only aim. I watched the news and spotted  wives of ex PN politicians and people who had lucrative contracts under past administrations. What are they protesting about?  That they are no longer on the gravy train perhaps?
To all those people who feel insulted by Tony Zarb’s comment, I ask you today: Where were you when Daphne Caruana Galizia incited hatred and called me and members of my family names?  I didn’t  see any of you protesting then?  No one pitched a camp for me or my family outside Castille when she called my mother a bitch?  No one protested when she said that people should be taken out and shot at dawn or when she spoke about their illnesses.
Everyone felt  that she was exercising her freedom of expression and that we should all grow up and not read her if it bothered us so much.
So what has changed now?  What happened to Voltaire?  Why are you not defending Tony Zarb’s right to say whatever he likes, even if you disagree with it?
Let me tell you something, you hypocrites who are protesting outside Castille, who didn’t bat an eyelid when your sisters were being targeted and called much worse.   Know this: you would have hated it if your parents, siblings or children were targeted by Daphne and your pitch would be very different and not in the shape of a tent either.   The reason you delighted in Daphne’s gossip was because you and your families were safe.    Of course you are lost without her – she gave people like you something to live for but had you been the subject of her gossip and lies, you would not have thought her the paragon of truth or of democracy.   You would have thought her spiteful, hurtful and dangerous.  She wrecked many families and  told plenty of lies.
So spare me and spare us all.  And be careful not to slip on a banana skin.

The Times and the ladies camped near there

In a  sense it is entirely appropriate that these women have pitched their tents so close to  The Times. It was after all The Times that blocked Daphne and stopped her columns. Only then did she go to write for The Independent, who to their credit always allowed her to write whatever she wanted.  Well not everything – she had her blog for that, which was her downfall.
The Times with its gloom and doom editorials about freedom of the press should take a good look in the mirror and see how many other columnists they blocked, not just  Daphne Caruana Galizia but countless others who did not sing from their pro Demarco/PN song book.
Perhaps the women near The Times could deliver a petition saying “shame on you”  who blocked freedom of speech by stopping publishing  Daphne Caruana Galizia’s articles.
Of course The Times are milking it for all it is worth and they filmed the women talking, not freedom of speech and how The Times blocked it of course.

Will Delia survive the next parliamentary group meeting?

It is quite obvious that within the PN a group of MPs are attempting their little coup d’etat to get rid of Delia, so that then the road is clear and they can open their guns on the government. That’s their mindset at the moment to get back into power at Dar Centrali. Today they have another Parliamentary Group meeting, the second one in a week.
Will Delia survive today’s meeting? That’s a big question mark. PN PMs who spoke to the Independent tried to play down the internal problems Adrian Delia is facing, however they were very cautious when referring to dissent.
One of the most vociferous critics of Delia is Beppe Fenech Adami, the outgoing Deputy Leader of the Party. Is he aiming higher? Some of his colleagues think he is. In the Parliamentary Group meeting held last Mondat, Beppe Fenech Adami started the charge against Delia.
He said that Delia’s inability to attack Joseph Muscat after Daphne’s murder is unacceptable. However in last Sunday’s Valletta protest he was not in the front line, leaving Simon Busuttil and his coterie of MPs doing the dirty work. Simon will not get the top job again.
Adrian Delia’s opponents just want to get back into power at Dar Centrali first to try and back into government as soon as possible. What Beppe wants is another civil disobedience campaign just like his father did but this time, hidden behind the Civil Society Network.
Malta cannot be left to degenerate into such a situation where government is dictated by the opposition’s whims.

Do these people have no shame?

Joseph Muscat came under attack this week because of his attendance at the Global Citizenship Seminar in Dubai, where he will deliver a keynote address on Malta’s Individual Investor Program.   His decision was seen as completely insensitive by the PN hypocrisy brigade who insist that in the aftermath of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death, it should  not be business as usual for Muscat and his government.

If only we could take them seriously.   Alas, no sooner were they done trying to portray Muscat as an insensitive pig, did we discover that the PN is actually going through with a party in aid of the deputy leadership campaign and celebrating with a pig!

Do these people have no shame?

It’s one thing to attend a work event and quite another to throw a party and gorge on a dead pig, when you’re supposedly in mourning and calling other people pigs.

Guest post: Shameful

Consider all the bombings and terrorist attacks in London post 7/7.
London now has apparently a huge number people in contact with ISIS fighters. Another attack is always imminent there. Now consider the behaviour of Opposition MPs in the UK. Do they try to put businesses off investing in London?
Do UK MPs or their mayor go round telling the world London is an ISIS and terrorist centre so keep your business out. In an EU report London wa slinked as the top country for money laundering too and yet finance continues to thrive there.
Zoom back to Malta where PN idiots are once again trying to dirty Malta and call it a Mafia state. This criticism even comes from Italian journalists who work in a country which is the home of the Mafia no less.
Delia, Busuttil and Gonzi to their shame say DCG murder was political yet DCG was probing oil smuggling and her husband recently told a fried
“what she is finding is bad, very bad.”
So there you have it. The same criminals who started their criminality under the PN, and who ran riot under PN and who were never caught are still at it. But guess what? The Labour appointed Police Commissioner should according to PN extremists resign because the PN people under whose watch these crimes started never succeeded in catching these criminals.
Yes to their shame the PN did not succeed either in catching the killers of Karen Grech and Raymond Caruana though Eddie said in one case he knew who did it.
Beppe, please think before you speak. You who were on a company board being investigated for international criminality.

Guest post: Min jobżoq fl-ajru jiġi f’wiċċu

Il-qawl Malti li jghid ‘Min jobzoq fl-ajru jigi f’wiccu’ ifisser litteralment illi dak li tixtieq lil haddiehor fl-ahhar jigi fuqek. Niftakru car meta l-ex Viċi Kap tal-Partit Nazzjonalista, Beppe Fenech Adami, qalilna iktar kmieni din il-sena fil-Parlament li l-PL ma jeżistix bit-ton gelliedi u arroganti li tant huma sinonimi miegħu. Dakinhar Beppe hares f’wiċċ id-deputati tal-PL quddiemu u qalilhom li l-partit tagħhom ma jeżistix (u dawn għamlu pipi tahthom kollha kemm huma).

Mhux se noqgħodu nfakkru lil Beppe Fenech Adami li fl-aħħar riżultat elettorali il-PL kaxkarhom wahda nobis, prova ta kemm il-Partit Laburista jeżisti. Lanqas se nfakkruh li din l-ghajta tieghu ma kienet xejn gdida ghax kienet tidwi minn “spiċċa l-Labour” fl-2008 fis-sala tal-għadd tal-voti.

Jidher pero bic-car li dan kien il-mument li donnu kien il-bidu tat-triq biex ħafna jitilqu mill-Partit Nazzjonalista biex jinghaqdu mal-Moviment tal-Partit Laburista immexxi minn Dr. Joseph Muscat.

U minn dakinhar l’hawn il-PL ma’ harisx lura ghax min imexxi b’onesta’ jibqa sod, bl-intoppi kollu li jitfghulu fit-triq u l-bsaten fir-roti kollha li ghamlulu biex ma’ jhalluhx iwettaq il-pjan li fassal f’zewg manifesti elettorali.

Issa ghandna sitwazzjoni fejn dawk li bezqu fl-arja gie f’wicchom fejn mill-Partit Nazzjonalista fadal biss qoxra ta’ dak li kien b’nies jirrizenjaw minn pozizzjonijiet importanti, sahansitra mill-PN b’rata bla precedent. Il-glied intern li l-PN ghandu juri bic-car li ‘all is not well within’ ghalkemm jippruvaw juru mod iehor.

Il-paniku huwa evidenti; partit ma’ jistax ikollu zewg mexxejja bil-fazzjonijiet taghhom. Id-dikjarazzjonijiet li kien ghamel Delia fuq DCG li kienu tant pubblici huma wisq akkuzatorji u wisq jibzghu li s-sitwazzjoni li jinsabu fiha se tkissirhom.

U biex tara kemm is-sitwazzjoni hija mwehra qed juzaw dan il-qtil fahxi ghal gwadann tagħhom biex forsi jghaqqdu dak li hu mkisser kif jghid l-Ingliz ‘beyond repair’.

Il-bezqa regghet lura fuqhom, wehlet maghhom u ma’ jistghux jaharbu minnha.