Bonett bil-bagalji lesti għall-Brussell

Id-Direttur tal-Informazzjoni tal-PN fi żmien Simon Busuttil, Matthew Bonett se jkun l-ewwel wieħed li jdabbar rasu mid-Dar Ċentrali. Delia ma jridux ma’ saqajh.

Qed jingħad li diġa’ għandu l-bagalji lesti għal Brussell biex jaħdem mal-Partit tal-Popolari Ewropej, PPE. Iżda għalissa xejn m’hu ċert mija fil-mija fejn se jispiċċa eżattament.

Min se jeħdolu postu? Issemma’ wieħed li kien jaħdem l-HSBC. Imma hemm ismijiet oħrajn.

Qabel mexxa l-uffiċċju informazzjoni tal-PN u kelliem għal Simon Busuttil, Bonett kien ġurnalista mal-partit,

Guest Post: Foul ref!

Anyone who knows a thing about football will know that a player caught fouling can be shown the yellow card. In a situation where the yellow card is shown, the coach has two options: keep the player on the pitch with a possibility of having that player shown a red card and sent off, or send in a substitute to replace the ‘damaged’ player.

This situation is not unlike the one at the Dar Centrali; the difference is that here the player caught fouling, in this case Jean Pierre Debono, is being given the choice who the substitute should be. How it is even possible to accept that a person caught cheating could have the right to determine between a contesting candidate and a non-contestant is beyond me.
If the PN was a really democratic party it would give the next person who contested in its name at the general elections a chance to be voted to parliament. If once elected, that candidate or another PN MP chooses to make way for the new leader, that would be fine.
Electoral Commission please note

Guest Post: PN, an inglorious downfall

Until very very recently most PN leaders had crowed and lied that with Labour in government democracy would die, with Malta becoming “unwestern”. However, with Malta’s  economic rise over the last 5 years and new inroads with countries from all over the world, this mantra has died a natural death, and taking advantage of Labour’s past mistakes is no longer an issue, resulting in a total unravelling of the PN’s well oiled propaganda structure as we once knew it.

As a result the PN has now turned upon itself, washing its dirty laundry in public, without a smidgen of shame. A question that is now being asked is whether democracy has failed at the Dar Centrali or similarly, whether democracy is unworkable or perhaps not suitable for the PN: this, given the fact that an election that was supposed to be very straightforward, and supposedly democratic, was characterised by dreadful abuses and dare I say scandals that were exposed by the local media and shook the PN to its roots. Ultimately this resulted in the selection of Dr. Adrian Delia, a supposedly new leader with a new way, who given his rhetoric would drive us straight into economic chaos, if he was ever given a chance to be a Prime minister.

Let us not forget that the way the new PN leader was elected is now resulting in unscrupulous vote handling by the highest members of the PN who cannot be trusted while in opposition, let alone in the running of our country.

D is for … ?

D is for Delia or the shadow he has cast on the PN according to his detractors
D is for dubious as in the electoral result was allegedly the result of some tampering.
D is for Daphne, the clique’s spokesperson. L-akbar ankra tal-PN
D is for Debono as in Jean Pierre who has been caught with falsified signatures on proxies and made way for Delia to enter Parliament.
D is for dizastru which is what the PN decision to ally with PD was
D is for the doldrums which the PN will be in for quite a while it appears
D as in the Delirium in which the newly elected leader was while addressing a small crowd of supports fuq il-Fosos
Any more dear readers?

Spot On!

Don’t get mixed-up. This is not a political meeting, it’s a Kummiedja Kollha Daħk at Dar Ċentrali. But then, you might say, yeah what’s the difference?

So what’s the plan now?

The PN is today a shining beacon of a democracy in shambles. Simon lost the last election by a historic number of votes. History will remember him as the PN leader with the worst results ever although the way things a re going, next election could be even worse for the PN.
There was an election and Simon lost. But he has not gone and he will not go. It is incredible that the new contender had to scarp around for a seat because Simon intends to stay on. As what? Simon is clearly not interested in putting his party first. He is the “me me me” person.
And now we have the debacle around the votes. How many signatures have been falsified on proxies is yet to be discovered. The electoral commission lead by former Minister and EU Commissioner Joe Borg stepped down en masse.
So what will PN do now?  Some members of the executive committee are pushing for another election to take place. Delia won’t accept it obviously. But then, would the ones calling for another election accept Delia as their leader?
More than half of the Parliamentary Group do not rally behind Delia. Some of them criticise him openly and say that they do not support him.
The PN today. Democracy in shambles while the newly elected leader tours clubs to make coffee for the “simple” Maltese people. Before convincing the Maltese electorate that he is the man to lead them, he must convince his colleagues first.

Pluto’s post: Delilah,Samson brings down the temple

Samson, shorn of his long locks and curls, despondent with his fall from grace, paraded as a trophy by his captors, harbored revenge in his heart and prayed to God that he may bring about the end of his enemies. And God heard him and took pity. With one last pull on his chains, embedded in the main pillars of the Temple, Samson caused the structure to weaken and come down on his enemies and himself. All were killed and Samson knew in his last seconds of life that Delilah and her masters had perished.

We have witnessed and are still a dumb-stricken audience to the story being played out in Pieta. Clearly, there is a Samson, shorn and powerless, there is a Delilah, wily and persistent, and there is a temple. Clearly, one is out for revenge, and one is exercising a well honed ability at illusionism.
Clearly, the temple will be a victim.

After the destruction it will be once more, time to build another temple. Let us pray that it will not have a sanctum sanctorum where only the high priest may approach. Let us pray that it will be a temple for the people.

I say, fat chance

Bħal San Pietru ċaħad tliet darbiet

Veru għamel bħal San Pietru imma minn dak li qed jingħad li sar, m’huwiex qaddis! Imma sa fl-aħħar Adrian Delia jista’ jieħu siġġu Parlamentari, jekk ma jeħduħx tal-Oranġjo.

Għalfejn Jean Pierre Debono? L-Assistent Segretarju tal-PN huwa wieħed mid-Deputati l-aktar qrib ta’ Adrian Delia u la ma sab lil ħadd min iwarrab, xi ħadd minn dawk qrib tiegħu kellu jissagrifika s-siġġu tiegħu.

Clyde Puli għandu aspirazzjonijiet ikbar u ma jridx iħalli s-siġġu Parlamentari għax inkella ma jkunx jista’ jikkontesta għal Viċi Kap għall-Affarijiet tal-Parlament. Herman Schiavone kien ukoll lest iħalli is-siġġu tiegħu lill-Kap.

Iżda fuq il-5 Distrett kien hemm theddida akbar għal Delia, kemm minn naħa tal-Oranġjo u anke minn naħa ta’ kandidat tal-PN li beda jingħad li jekk ikun hemm elezzjoni każwali hu kien se jikkontesta. Għaldaqstant, Delia ma riedx jieħu ċans fuq il-5 Distrett.

B’hekk kellu jdur fuq Jean Pierre Debono billi fuq is-7 Distrett tal-Oranġjo ma humiex daqshekk theddida (għalkemm ġa tellgħu siġġu) u għax il-kandidati tal-PN li telgħu minn fuq dak id-distrett huma lesti li ma jikkontestawx.

Hemm ukoll il-fattur l-ieħor dwar Debono. L-allegazzjonijiet ta’ irregolaritajiet fl-elezzjoni għall-kap li se jkunu investigati u diskussi mill-Kunsill Amministrattiv immexxi minn Karol Aquilina, Deputat ieħor.

B’sitwazzjoni fejn il-Grupp Parlamentari m’huwiex magħqud wara Delia, ir-riżenja ta’ Jean Pierre Debono mill-Parlament se tnaqqas is-saħħa tal-kap fuq id-deputati tiegħu.

Bi Grupp Parlamentari maqsum ma tista’ tippjana xejn.


Kuntrast: Wieħed bi pjan għal ġejjieni u ieħor ma jafx x’se jagħmel il-ġimgħa d-dieħla

Id-differenza bejn iż-żewġ mexxejja tal-partiti politiċi Maltin hija kbira wisq. Il-Prim Ministru għandu ħjan għal ġejjieni ta’ pajjiżna waqt li l-Kap tal-PN m’għandux pjan għall-ġimgħa d-dieħla għax għadu mhux ċert mija fil-mija jekk hux se jkun Kap tal-Oppożizzjoni.

Iż-żewġ mexxejja tkellmu dalgħodu fuq ir-radju tal-partiti. Fejn ħareġ biċ-ċar li l-gvern qed iħares għal ġenerazzjoni li jmiss waqt li l-PN qed tħares x’se tagħmel il-ġimgħa d-dieħla.

Biex tkompli tgħaxxaqha Adrian Delia żbalja l-fatti bażiċi dwar tlieta mill-ftit temi li tkellem dwarhom.

Dwar il-faqar qal li żdied meta naqas, staqsa jekk inħatarx xi ħadd imexxi l-fond tal-IIP meta dan ilu li nħatar żmien u staqsa fejn hu s-surplus meta dan jirriżulta minn statistika lokali u ewropea.

Ikun tajjeb li Adrian Delia jibda jiċċekja l-fatti qabel jitkellem u jibda jgħid il-verità. Jew għall-anqas jipprepara sew għax f’wieħed mid-diskorsi tiegħu ftaħar li ma jippreparax diskorsi imma joqgħod fuq li jgħidulu n-nies huwa u dieħel għad-diskors.

U min jaf kemm ħarref fid-diskorsi waqt il-kampanja tiegħu meta kien jgħid li għandu pjan kif jidħol fil-Parlament.

Fil-fatt Delia u d-deputat Jean Pierre Debono kkonfermaw kif Adrian Delia ma kellu ebda pjan għal kif se jsib postu fil-Parlament qabel kien elett. Dan minkejja li fil-kampanja lit-tesserati kien qalilhom li kien hemm soluzzjoni misjuba.

B’hekk il-ħatra ta’ Delia bħala kap twieldet b’gidba. Gidba kkonfermata minn dak ikkundannat mill-Kummissjoni Elettorali tal-istess partit li tant ma felħitx iktar li rriżenjat kollha.

Finally, a seat for Delia – Jean Pierre Debono gives up his

According to The Malta Independent on Sunday, Assistant PN General Secretary Jean Pierre Debono who expects to be disciplined by the party has agreed to give up his seat to Adrian Delia. TMIS is privy to information about Adrian Delia since its director of content Pierre Portelli is a close associate to the new leader and is expected to head his office as Leader of the Opposition.

Besides Pierre Portelli, Delia wants five others to join his team at tal-Pieta. But the first real head ache was entering Parliament.

Jean Pierre Debono took the decision to give up his seat few days after a Malta Today story revealed that he is being investigated by the party, and most likely to face disciplinary action since a internal report revealed that the Assistant Secretary General held proxies with falsified signatures.

The report clearly stated that under his watch, Debono failed to verify the signatures for the proxy votes, delivered to him by PN sectional committee members on behalf of party members to vote for the leadership contest a week ago.

Another newspaper, KULLHADD reports that voters whose signatures have been falsified are being told not to press charges against Jean Pierre Debono. If a report reaches the police they are bound to investigate and the party wants to avoid such an investigation into the election of Adrian Delia.

Jean Pierre Debono told TMIS that he has not been offered anything for his seat. Jean Pierre Debono was elected from the 7th electoral district. His resignation would trigger a casual election however, on that same District there are PD candidates who can contest the casual election given that they reach half of the quota of that district.

These are Lee Bugeja Bartolo and Monique Agius. If Delia did not do his homework properly, with the help of Herman Schiavone, instead of obtaining his parliamentary seat he may be giving an extra one to Marlene Farrugia.

Karol Aquilina defiant despite threats received

Why are PN supporters sending threatening messages to their President of the Administrative Council? One cannot but ask why this is happening just a week after a new leader has been elected by the party.

Well it is a known fact that the MP elected through a casual election does not see eye to eye with his new leader. Aquilina is the politician who must call and preside over the Administrative Council meeting which will discuss irregularities during Delia’s election.

He went on Facebook again: “Do not send me more threatening and offensive messages he said”. And then he ends his message saying “You’re wasting time. I will shoulder my responsibility and do what must be done”.

Interestingly enough, in this post Aquilna has tagged Adrian Delia, to make sure he reads what the MP had to say. Others tagged include Chris Said, Jason Azzopardi, PN General Secretary Rosette Thake and Deputy Leader Beppe Fenech Adami whose brother-in-law, surgeon Kevin Cassar has resigned from the party earlier this afternoon.

Dubji fuq l-elezzjoni ta’ Delia, investigazzjoni oħra

Bħal Simon Busuttil, Adrian Delia jgħid li Malta m’hijiex pajjiż normali. Il-fatt li għandna kap ta’ partit li m’huwiex kap tal-oppożizzjoni, ma jgħinx biex Malta tkun pajjiż normali. Din qatt ma ġrat li kap tal-partit jitkarrab biex jikseb siġġu fil-Parlament. Dan żgur mhux għaġir normali.

Pero oppożizzjoni għal Delia hemm kemm trid fil-PN u bla dubju li kap ta’ din l-oppożizzjoni għal Delia hemm ukoll. L-informazzjoni li ħarġet il-bieraħ dwar falsifikazzjoni ta’ firem fuq prokuri ta’ votanti għall-elezzjoni ta’ kap tixħet dubju kbar kemm fuq l-integrita ta’ Adrian Delia iżda wkoll fuq il-proċess elettorali.

Kien proċess, ġust u trasparenti? Għandi dubji. Meta issa nsiru nafu li kien hemm prokuri b’firem foloz. L-Assistent Segretarju Ġenerali Jean Pierre Debono, supporter kbir ta’ Adrian Delia kien responsabbli minn dan il-proċess.

Wara l-aħbar li kienet żvelta mill-Malta Today, Debono ċaħad li għamel xi ħaġa simili. Iżda qatt ma ċaħad li kien hemm prokuri foloz. Jekk il-firem foloz fuq prokuri foloz ma kienx xogħlu, hemm xi ħadd ieħor li ffirma f’isem ħaddieħor biex jiġbor il-vot.

Interessanti li sirna nafu dwar din l-istorja. L-informazzjoni kienet għand il-PN jumejn qabel. Fil-fatt, kien iltaqa’ l-Kunsill Amministrattiv jumejn qabel l-elezzjoni. Iżda għalkemm kienu għadhom fil-ħin biex iwaqqfu l-elezzjoni, ma tteħditx din id-deċiżjoni.

KIen jidher il-momentum favur Delia u beżgħu li jekk jissospendu l-elezzjoni jagħmluh vittma. Għalhekk nifhem li ħallew kollox għaddej biex ikunu jistgħu inawru u jimminaw sa mill-ewwel jiem wara l-ħatra tiegħu.

Ħatra li llum għandna dubji kemm saret b’ġustizzja, anke għal fatt li d-ditakk bejn iż-żewġ kandidati ma kienx kbir wisq. Din l-informazzjoni titfa’ dell kbir fuq Adrian Delia u tnaqqaslu l-awtorita morali fuq il-partit.

Għalhekk qabel jibda jitkellem fuq għaqda nazzjonali, aħjar jagħti ħarsa madwaru u warajh u jara kif jagħmel biex jibda jagħqqad il-partit l-ewwel. Mexxej mingħajr partit magħqud la jista’ jimxi hu aħseb u ara kemm jista’ jmexxi partit u iktar minn hekk pajjiż.

L-istorja dwar l-elezzjoni tal-kap tal-PN għad trid tibda. Chris Said talab investigazzjoni fil-fatt mat-Times, Kemm Rosette Thake u anke Simon Busuttil ikkonfermaw li l-każ se jkun quddiem il-laqgħa tal-Kunsill Amministrattiv li jmiss u aktarx li jittieħdu passi dixxiplinarji kontra Jean Pierre Debono.

Skużi ta, mela Simon Busuttil għadu jmexxi l-PN? Veru li sakemm Adrian Delia qed jitkarrab għal siġġu, Busuttil għadu Kap tal-Oppożizzjoni, imma ma għadux kap tal-partit u għalhekk ma jistax jattendi l-laqgħat tal-Kunsill Amministrattiv.

Vapur b’żewġ kaptani qatt ma mexa.

EPP President confused over Delia

In a congratulatory statement EPP President Joseph Daul has called Adrian Delia the Leader of the Opposition. He is clearly confused.

So far, Delia is not the Leader of the Opposition because he is not an MP. In the past days his collaborators tried hard to convince one the MPs elected through a casual election to relinquish their seat. They have been unsuccessfully.

Joseph Daul doesn’t know anything about this.

Who is this Joseph Daul anyway?  Joseph Daul was under investigation for misuse of public funds in France. He was part of an inquiry into the diversion of €16 million (£10.6 million) of agricultural money in the 1990s that has also ensnared three former agriculture ministers. He was placed under investigation in 2004 for allegedly diverting money to finance the farmers’ union, the FNSEA, and to pay his own staff. He was not accused of benefiting personally but of “complicity and concealment of the abuse of public funds”.On 8 August 2007, the court had, however, asked that all charges against him be dropped, stating that the cases made against him did not require legal punishment. (Source Wikipedia)


Pluto’s Post: Delilah, with apologies to the ‘Book of Kings’

Samson must have a particular significance for our Nationalist brothers and sisters. Some believed and I am sure that some still do, that their Party is somsonite, it’s big, it’s strong and it’s just the thing for us all… and then Delilah happened along.

We all know that particular Bible story. I dare say that the religio et patria crowd are perhaps more cognizant of it. (They peruse the holy books often and make them their rule and law in whatever they do, such are their Christian principles)

Samson was the last of the Israelite judges. (His re-incarnation may be said to be our own Simon Busuttil) He was all powerful, immensely strong and his word was law, divinely appointed by the Almighty to prepare the Kingdom. (Much like the Nationalist Party ethos, we are the one and only with a God given right to rule and there shall be none other than us).

And then Delia , oops, apologies, Delilah walked into Samson’s life and started doing things to his hair. We all know how story ended. Delilah’s motivation? Money. She was paid to do it and as they say, Samson was toast

Guest Post: Delia’s non independence

Not for the fact that his feast was spoilt because he could not represent the Opposition, there is another reason why he will not be independent. Mark our words. Delia will soon not be independent of Daphne and the rest of the clique.
There will come a time, sooner or later that she will stop attacking him as he and the  same old PN that lost so many from its ranks, including many very decent switchers will rule once again.
Before being elected to el capo of PN Delia promised a new way. Now he is already attacking the Prime Minister because he was not here for independence day when he knows full well where he was and why.
Delia is spewing divisiveness and lies already. There was not even a honeymoon. I can see history re-writing itself. Delia will suffer Simon’s same fate.