Daqs mus tal-leħja jaqta’

Eżatt kien, preċiż! Simon jgħid mod u jiġri mod ieħor.

Guest Post: Long live freedon of expression

This comment was posted on The Times comment board and was rejected by the comments moderator. The person who tried to give his opinion in reaction to Fr Joe Beirut Borg’s piece sent it to me and I am publishing it as a guest post.

In one of  his now regular Sunday anti-Labour  epistles, the reverend Joe  Borg brought up the subject of corruption informing us  that it  shot up from 3% under  Nationalist governments to 35% in four years under Labour since 2013.  He built his arguments on a survey published  in Malta Today which claimed that: “Under Labour, corruption concern at all-time high” and puts  this concern  at 30%.

This result is far way  the 88%  registered in  a Eurobarometer survey  held in September 2011, published by Malta Today on 15 February 2012,who  agreed  that corruption was a major problem in Malta at the time. According to this report, the majority of respondents “believe that the problem is down to close links between business and politics and opaque party financing”.  In case the reverend  Joe Borg wants to check his facts about corruption under tha last Nationalist government he might wish to have a look at  a report on the Eurobarometer  published  by Malta Today  in its edition of 15 February 2012.


Corruption in Malta ‘unavoidable’, blame business and politics

88% say corruption is major problem, majority believe it is down to “close links between business and politics” and opaque party financing.

Matthew Vella

15 February 2012, 12:00am


Corruption is part of life in Malta, at least 88% of 500 respondents told the

A survey of 500 Maltese respondents back in September 2011 by the European Union’s Eurobarometer has continued to cement the strong perception that corruption is an endemic and unavoidable aspect of public life, but that the EU can help tackle this problem.

Malta joined six other member states – Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Latvia and Austria – with at least an 80% agreement that corruption is a major problem in the country.

88% of Maltese respondents agreed with this statement, although there was a drop of seven points over the 2009 Eurobarometer findings.

 agree that corruption is major problem in Malta

52% disagree they are affected by corruption in their daily life

Joseph Muscat is frantic about many things

Everyone knows that Joseph Muscat is frantic. He was frantically trying to reduce the country’s deficit, so much so that for the first time in 35 years we have a surplus, he is frantically trying to change society’s perception of the LGBTI community, he is frantically trying to include everyone into the workplace, he is frantically trying to improve the country’s energy situation, he is frantically trying to improve education and healthcare, he is frantically calling on would be holiday makers to consider Malta for their next holiday, he is frantic about inclusion and democracy, he is frantic about making Malta a great place and the Maltese a satisfied and happy people.
Other nations and country are frantically examining his frantic business model. The Nationalist Party is frantically trying to keep up, frantically clawing at the slippery slope up which they have battled their way, frantic about their political rival’s success… so frantic that they find themselves frantically trying to rescue themselves from a frantic financial situation that is causing them some fantastic or should that be catastrophic wounds in their already mauled self.
Frantically calling for a photo shoot ? I think not. Rather the reverse perhaps.

Simon said EU is not about photos

Need to say more?

But I would like to share with you an email I received yesterday by a reader of this website who was watching Sky News:

So I was watching Sky news and they got a piece about Malta and the guy was saying not a very happy day.  Not a lot of joy on the faces of those present. 

And then you get Simon Busuttil – the only idiot who was grinning with this very plastic ‘stuck-on’ pasted smile on his face. And the news continued ‘the look was one of grim determination’
It was hilarious because as usual  – Simon is completely out of sync with the moment.  As Europe faces a traumatic break-up and divorce, Simon is all smiles and plastic.

L-ewwel erbgħa snin ta’ suċċess ekonomiku, x’kien wiegħed il-Partit Laburista

Mhux ta’ b’xejn Four Years of Firsts. Erġgħu araw dan il-video ta’ erba’ snin ilu u taraw kif dak kollu li kien imwiegħed, qiegħed jitwettaq, u dan dwar l-ekonomija biss. X’differenza minn gvernijiet oħrajn!

Ir-rigal tagħna lil Malta Ħielsa: għall-ewwel darba f’ġenerazzjoni pajjiżna qed idaħħal flus aktar milli joħroġ

Minkejja li pajjiżna huwa żgħir, ċkejken u bla riżorsi, illum għandna l-inqas numru ta’ nies ifittxu x-xogħol fl-Ewropa u l-ogħla rata ta’ nies jaħdmu. Illum irnexxilna nagħmlu xi ħaġa li ħadd ma kien jippretendi li naslu għaliha u dan huwa r-rigal tagħna għal Malta ħielsa li għall-ewwel darba f’ġenerazzjoni qed idaħħal aktar flus milli joħroġ. L-aħħar darba li konna f’din il-pożizzjoni kien taħt il-Perit Mintoff 35 sena ilu.

Il-Prim Ministru fid-diskors tiegħu l-bieraħ rrefera għall-frażi miktuba fil-Malta Chronicle, frażi miktuba mill-Perit Mintoff fejn fiha ħolom li Malta tkun l-għira tad-dinja. Duminku Mintoff kiteb dawn il-kliem ħafna qabel ma sar Prim Ministru. Kważi 20 sena qabel, ħafna qabel ma xi ħadd kien jemmen li Malta kienet se tkun Indipendenti, Ħielsa u l-għira tad-dinja, stqarr Dr Muscat. Illum, wara 80 sena tinħema din il-ħolma, qegħdin nagħmluha realtà. Illum mhux biss ħlomna u qed noħolmu iżda qed inwettqu, saħaq il-Prim Ministru.

X’jagħmilna speċjali bħala Maltin? X’inhu dak li wassal li kienu suċċess fit-38 sena ta’ Ħelsien; l-imħabba, il-bżulija, ir-rieda u x-xewqa li uliedna jgħixu f’pajjiż aħjar minn dak li sibna aħna, stqarr Dr Muscat. Il-ġrajja tal-Ħelsien, għaqqdet il-ġrajja tal-Indipendenza u r-Repubblika, ġrajjiet li kieku ma ħolmox il-Mexxeja ta’ qabel, ma konniex nimxu, tenna l-Prim Ministru.

Il-Partit Laburista jemmen f’pajjiż wieħed magħqud, irrispettivament minn dak li nemmnu politikament. Nemmnu lit-tfal kollha għandu jkollhom l-istess drittijiet. Il-valur tal-imħabba, fejn kulħadd għandu jkun ħieles li jħobb lil min irid. Nemmnu fil-ferħ li jġibu l-ulied u allura jekk ix-xjenza tista’ tgħin, l-istat mhux se jwaqqaf lil dawk il-koppju li għandhom bżonn l-għajnuna. Nemmnu fil-valuri tal-bżulija u x-xogħol li huma valuri naturali. Dawn huma valuri li ngħożżu.


The most successful economic team

Today the Prime Minister rightly praised Finance Minister Edward Scicluna and Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech for leading the team that has led to Malta having achieved its first balanced Budget for 35 years.
Let’s see how PN liars, haters and spinners try to lessen the huge importance of this news. Malta’s economists accountants lawyers and other professionals, not to mention the tax payer will be considering the news in awe
while Simon and the rest continue to moan incessantly.
Statistics speak louder than hate and these statistics from the NSO confirm the undeniable. From a deficit of €362m in 2012 this government turned things around and registered a surplus of €8.8m in four years.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said “We performed an economic miracle without resorting to austerity, we cut taxes and increased the income of those on the lower rungs through targeted social measures. I know I will receive requests on how to spend money. We have to ensure the surplus becomes a trend. We anticipated it by two years,” he said.

Flavia’s wise words

Liars are liars are liars.

Where is Richard?

Look at the video The Times uploaded of Simon greeting Merkel. A warm handshake would have been enough but he grabbed her arm near her elbow and Merkel did not look as if she liked it at all. The German Chancellor looks away and Simon continues grabbing her elbow without any sensitivity.
In fact she looked away from him twice while he did this over personal arm shake. Part of protocol is being sensitive to how others respond to you. But that is something you are either born with when you have what Bidnija Bogan calls good breeding and it seems cannot be taught even after all his long years in Brussels.
Richard should know this. But Where is Richard? He has not been featured anywhere during the EPP Malta summit, but I guess he is there lurking in the dark somewhere.
Simon’s body language and demeanor is certainly not that of a future Prime Minister that EU leaders are desperate to get close to. Maybe the Bidnija Bogan can give him protocol lessons as it seems not all PN are as puliti and refined as they once thought.
He then managed to even get a selfie with Merkel. Look how happy she looks to have her selfie taken with Malta’s Leader of the Opposition.
Ajma ma mur ġibu kien Joseph ħa selfie ma’ Merkel!

Simon the King of Fake invoices

The irony of life. Simon has been telling the EPP delegates how populism is the biggest danger to the EU when he has spent four years trying to stoke up populism against the Prime Minister.
He  has spent his years as Opposition Leader telling us  that Labour damaged Malta and dirtied Malta when we now hear the UK is the top money laundering risk and Malta is among the best in Europe for anti  money laundering.
Then he tries to pretend he is on the side of the cleaner who cannot cope with bills while at the same time engages businessmen to fork out salaries for the top echelons of his party without declaring such donations.
The example of Dar Centrali tells us all how Simon and the Bidnija Bogan will manage the country.They are the privileged elite and if they earn tens of thousands they deserve it. If they have trusts it is fine. But if anyone Labour or floater has  a decent wage he or she is a crook who need a Bidnija Guillotine.
Simon is refusing to publish the fake invoices. For someone who think they have special DNA this is acceptable. Had it been a Labour exponent the Bidnija Bogan will be calling for his/he head. So far there are no calls for Simon’s head. At least not yet.

Watch this space

Simon and the Bunga Bunga

Look how happy Simon looks, he even managed to meet the Bunga Bunga himself, Silvio Berlusconi. Look at his face, he looks like a pupil happy to be on a school outing, With all his campaigning about honesty in politics I never thought he would be so happy to meet Berlusconi, but Simon is a Fake, and he wouldn’t want to miss a photo opportunity wouldn’t he? So hey come on let’s join the club.

Simon is enjoying himself next to a man who has been convicted multiple times. In October 2012, Berlusconi was sentenced to four years for tax fraud. And in June 2013, Berlusconi was sentenced to seven years for paying an underage woman, Karima “Ruby” el Mahroug, for sex. El Mahrough was 17 when she attended several of Berlusconi’s “bunga bunga” parties in 2010. Berlusconi was also convicted of abusing the power of his office (while prime minister, Berlusconi tried to get el Mahrough out of jail by telling police that she was related to Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak). Along with this conviction, Berlusconi was barred from public office.

He has been charged with embezzlement, tax fraud and bribery. Being in power helped Berlusconi avoid some charges.

Kif xegħel wiċċu għax poġġa ħdejn Merkel

L-aħħar darba li raha, ltaqgħu f’kuridur u kien qal li kellu laqgħa magħha. Il-Kanċilliera Ġermaniża minn naħa tagħha ma tantx tidher li qed tgħati każ minn hemm ħdejha. Mur għidilha kemm iħarref!

Hidden away in The Times: UN experts concerned at rise of ‘fake news’

In the past months Malta was infested with Fake News coming out from Dar Ċentrali and from that Bidnija Bogan.

Few weeks ago, hidden somewhere in The Time of Malta there was this report: United Nations experts monitoring freedom of expression have expressed concern about the growing prevalence of “fake news” and propaganda – and alarm at public authorities denigrating the media as “lying” or the “the opposition”.

The experts highlighted the obligation of governments to foster freedom of expression and state that restrictions can only be imposed in accordance with international law, including to prohibit advocating hatred and incitement to violence, discrimination or hostility.

David Kaye, the UN special investigator on freedom of opinion and expression, said: “‘Fake news’ has emerged as a global topic of concern and there is a risk that efforts to counter it could lead to censorship, the suppression of critical thinking and other approaches contrary to human rights law.”

The declaration identified general principles to deal with disinformation, “fake news” and propaganda, and it includes human rights standards, encourages the promotion of diversity and plurality in the media, and emphasises the roles of journalists, media outlets and digital intermediaries.

The declaration was signed by monitors of freedom of expression at the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Organisation of American States, and the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

The joint declaration does not name any countries or leaders, but it follows repeated outbursts by US President Donald Trump against “the fake news media” which he accuses of being “the enemy of the American people”.

The declaration emphasised that “some forms of disinformation and propaganda may harm individual reputations and privacy, or incite to violence, discrimination or hostility against identifiable groups in society”.

It encouraged the media and civil society to identify and raise awareness about “deliberately false news stories, disinformation and propaganda”.

The declaration also expressed alarm at instances “where public authorities denigrate, intimidate and threaten the media, including by stating that the media is ‘the opposition’ or is ‘lying’ and has a hidden political agenda.”

This “increases the risk of threats and violence against journalists, undermines public trust and confidence in journalism as a public watchdog, and may mislead the public by blurring the lines between disinformation and media products containing independently verifiable facts”, the declaration says.

The experts stressed that governments have an obligation to foster an environment for freedom of expression including promoting, protecting and supporting diverse media.

Fake News Alert

Biex tiblagħha li Joseph Muscat qagħad iċempel lid-delegati tal-EPP bix jieħu ritratt magħhom trid tkun mazzun ikbar minn barri.

ll-biċċa hi li dawn ma felħux li l-Prim Ministri Ewropej li ġew għall-konferenza tal-EPP għamlu żjara Kastilja u laqgħa mal-Prim Ministru!


Admiral Ann Fenech 

There was once a PN lady called Ann Fenech
Who about the pastizzi got a bit “menic”
Then Juncker came down
And with a smile not a frown,
Asked for cisk, pastizzi and fenek!