Charles Saliba telaq ukoll

Il-kordinatur tal-programmi ta’ Radio 101 Charles Saliba ħabbar fuq Facebook li rreżenja mill-kariga tiegħu b’effett immedjat. Minn għada l-ewwel ta’ Lulju xi ħadd ieħor se jkun qed jikkordina l-programmi ta’ Radio 101.

Charles Saliba huwa xandar veteran li inagħqad mar-radju tal-PN ftit wara li fetaħ fl-1992.

Huwa kiteb li hemm “raġunijiet personali” wara r-riżenja tiegħu b’effett immedjat. Dawn ir-raġunijiet personali ma għandhom x’jaqsmu xejn ma’ saħħa, hemm raġunijiet personali oħrajn bħal nuqqas ta’ qbil ma’ ċertu deċiżjonijiet li qegħdin jittieħdu u kif qegħdin jittieħdu bħalissa.

Interessanti li f’kumment ieħor li għadda fuq Facebook qal li sakemm jippermettu ċ-ċirkostanzi se jibqa’ jippreżenta programm.

Charles Saliba fb

Charles Saliba fb2

Herman Schiavone jifraħ bit-tluq ta’ Charlene Camilleri Zarb

Wara li tħabbret ir-riżenja ta’ Charlene Camilleri Zarb, Herman Schiavone kandidat ieħor fuq il-Ħames Distrett feraħ, tant li għamlilha Like fuq Facebook għall-aħbar ta’ Net News li tellgħet hija stess. Il-media tal-PN qalu li Camilleri Zarb se tkompli bil-karriera tagħha. Fil-fatt irriżenjat minn kandidata sentejn qabel l-elezzjoni.

Ma qalux li għażlet li ma tikkontestax l-elezzjoni sena u nofs wara li kienet approvata bħala kandidata.

Herman Schiavone Char Car Zarb

Min hu midħla tal-PN f’Ħal Safi u jaf sew lill-Avukata, jaf x’inhi il-vera raġuni il-għala sentejn qabel l-elezzjoni Charlene Camilleri Zarb iddeċidiet li ma tkomplix bil-kandidatura tagħha mal-PN f’distrett fejn il-PN għandu inkwiet serju.

Il-fatt li Simon Busuttil u Beppe Fenech Adami tefgħu il-piż tagħhom fuq Toni Bezzina u Herman Schiavone minkejja l-każi li għandhom u l-fatt li ma ttieħdu ebda passi la fil-konfront ta’ Toni u l-anqas fl-konfront ta’ Herman kompla jgħarraq is-sitwazzjoni u fl-aħħar mill-aħħar Camilleri Zarb iddeċidiet li jkun aħjar għaliha li ma tibqax mċappsa magħhom.

Cambodian NGO irked by Alan Montanaro’s comments on their children

The Cambodian NGO with whom Alan Montanaro works is shocked and appalled by his references to their children. It-Torċa reported one of the leaders of LRDE (the NGO Alan Monantaro works with in Cambodia) Chea Sreymom expressing her disgust at Montanaro’s references to their children as window washers and kidney-doners.

“What he said is quite shocking, especially if it’s coming from the words of a person who is supposed to help these children” said Chea Sreymom who feels disappointed and let down by Alan Montanaro.

Ms.Sreymon stated “I cannot understand what was going through his mind when he spoke that way about the children. We can never get along with such an attitude, we who try to help these children who don’t have anything, cannot accept anyone who speaks in such a manner”.

Mr.Sreymon also added, that the people involved in the chats with Montanaro didn’t even bother to defend the children and had her doubts towards the loyalty of the volunteers working with the organization

The NGO tries to protect the children from those who assimilate their worth by their lack of possessions, which is why it is shocking to find out that Alan Montanaro himself would express such vulgarity towards the children.

Nevertheless, Montanaro is still planning to visit Cambodia this summer after resigning from presiding the Drama Outreach Porject

Gaffe oħra mill-Uffiċċju Informazzjoni PN

It-tieni gaffe serja fi żmien ġimgħa mill-uffiċċju informazzjoni tal-PN. Wara li nhar it-Tnejn ħabbru li Simon Busuttil se jagħmel stqarrija ministerjali (meta m’huwiex fil-gvern!) illum ħarbtu l-isem tar-rettur tal-Universita li fis-snin disgħin kien kandidat tagħhom.

Malajr insewh ismu!

Ir-Rettur li għadu kif temm il-kariga tiegħu huwa Prof Juanito Camilleri u minfloku għal din il-kariga daħal Prof Alfred Vella. Tal-PN ħawwdu u għaffġu ż-żewġ ismijiet.

PN pr Juanito Vella


George Pullicino photo bomber

A photo bomber is someone who either intentionally or unintentionally ruins an otherwise normal photo. In this case a couple at a wedding on Sunday wanted to capture that moment and George Pullicino is the photo bomber appearing in the camera’s field of view as the picture is taken.

There he is the Shadow Minister for Compulsory and Early Education gobbling in the background.

George Pullicino jibla

Kandidata oħra diġa’ ċediet

Charlene Camilleri Zarb kienet se tkun kandidata tal-PN għall-elezzjoni ġenerali ta’ sentejn oħra. Hija kienet approvata bħala kandidata f’Settembru 2014 u f’sena u nofs qatgħet qalbha.

F’ittra lis-Segretarju Ġenerali tal-PN, li fiha qaltilha li l-elezzjoni li ġejja se tkun kruċjali, qaltilha wkoll li ma tridx tibqa’ aktar kandidata tal-PN.

Il-media tal-PN dawwru l-istorja li mhux se tibqa’ kandidata biex tkompli bil-klarriera professjonali tagħha. Fil-fatt min jara biss il-headline, mkien ma jingħata l-impressjoni li Camilleri Zarb kienet se tkun kandidata tal-PN u reġa’ bdielha.

Charlene Camilleri Galea snip

Post by Ana M: The Queen’s pit of hatred

Daphne and her ilk are quick to label everyone racist and fascist. The fact that she displays hatred and tries to stoke up negative feelings towards anyone Labour voting somehow pass her by as a form of racism.
The sad truth is that some Nationalist families bring up their children to believe they are genetically superior to anyone who is Labour by birth or by choice and inclination.
Worse, she regularly insults Labour people calling them jaq hamalli and all her other horrible descriptions. Those who pollute her blog are just as bad and seem to enjoy stoking hatred. This is political racism and should be stamped out in our schools, Minister Bartolo please note.
Political racism is the bottom line from the bottom of the Hate Queen’s pit of hatred. In the Hate Queen’s world, no Labour person can be appointed to any position without being labelled.
Josef Bonnici was a PN Minister and candidate and yet his political leanings were not criticised. Mario Vella though in her view is not competent because he is Labour. Shame on the Hate Queen and all those who pollute her blog.
And doesn’t David Casa have anything better to do than take photos and send them to Daphne, his goddess?

David Casa taking photos for Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog

David Casa is Daphne Caruana Galizia’s photographer in Brussels. He was caught on camera taking ‘exclusive’ pictures from the Chamber of Nigel Farage for her Running Commentary. The picture here under is the one she posted together with her piece mocking the British politician for his anti EU stand.

Daphne said: “This photograph was taken this morning and sent to me directly from the European Parliament” giving the impression that her blog is widely popular with MEPs so much so that they send her photos when in fact it was her old friend David Casa who took it and sent it to her.


Nigel Farage photo by David Casa

Like Daphne Caruana Galizia, David Casa despises Nigel Farage hence he thought it would be appropriate to snap his colleague for Daphne’s onslaught since he was few metres away from him while making his speech yesterday morning.

For the record I do not agree with Nigel Farage or with the decision taken by the British people, however I respect their vote.

Nigel Farage has been campaigning against the EU for the past 17 years and was one of the leaders of the Leave Campaign in the Brexit referendum. He is the leader of UKIP, the United Kingdom Independence Party.

In her piece accompanying above photo, Caruana Galizia calls Nigel Farage a proto-fascist for his remarks to those laughing at him in the Chamber comparing him with Adolf Hitler.

Daphne writes;

– because he doesn’t wear a uniform or a funny moustache, and because he laughs and jokes, be aware that his speech in the European Parliament this morning referenced one of Hitler’s most infamous speeches directly:

“They have always derided me as a prophet. Today countless numbers of those who laughed at that time, laugh no longer. Those who are still laughing now, also will perhaps laugh no longer after a while..” – Adolf Hitler, speech on the 19th anniversary of the Beer Hall Putsch, 8 November 1942

MEP 198 is David Casa seen her taking the picture for his bar-hopping friend Daphne Caruana Galizia.

David Casa Nigel Farage 2..1

And for those of you who are in doubt whether its him or not, you may wish to check with the Chamber seating plan which you may find on the EU Parliament website.

If you see David, especially in Brussels be careful, you might end up on Daphne’s blog.


Breakdance at Imnarja

Toni Bezzina missed the Isle of MTV yesterday to attend Mnarja festivities.  Is he dancing the Maltese traditional żifna? Looks like breakdance to me.

Why pay entrance fees at a private beach when you can go for free?

Beppe Fenech Adami goes to Għadira Bay to swim when he has one of the largest pools and pool deck area in Malta.


Nadur PN, Dreams Bar project by Xmun

Il-Bar tal-każin tal-PN tan-Nadur għandu isem ġdid, jismu Dreams Bar u huwa proġett ta’ Xmun. In-Nadur hija l-fortizza politika ta’ Chris Said. Forsi hemm xi messaġġ moħbi?

Nadur PN Dreams Bar by Xmun 2.1

Cachia Caruana’s latest instructions to Simon

In the wake of the British anti EU vote, Richard Cachia Caruana has instructed Simon Busuttil to start calling Joseph Muscat a Eurosceptic. He obeyed immediately.

Simon Busuttil vs JM

So for Simon Busuttil calling upon the EU to address the real bread and butter issues rather than technicalities is a “snide eurosceptic remark”.

Faced by its biggest political crisis the EU does not need disconnected politicians like Richard Cachia Caruana and Simon Busuttil.

What the EU should be discussing now is how to address this situation and what lead to it. Before the European Council meeting, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said  “If a second country leaves the EU, we have only ourselves to blame”.



Josef Bonnici ok, Mario Vella no

It is quite incredible that the the Nationalist Party is calling the nomination of a new Governor of the Central Bank of Malta “partisan” based simply on the fact that Dr Mario Vella was a member of the administration of the Labour Party in the nineties.

One just needs to remind the Opposition that the outgoing Governor is a former PN Minister.  Faced with that fact, today’s Prime Minister never stooped so low to denigrate Professor Josef Bonnici’s nomination.  Actually, Professor Bonnici showed how one can rise above partisan politics and it is clear that Dr Vella will follow suit.

With regards to the hastily tabled request by the Opposition to have the nominee heard by Parliament, one wonders why the Opposition did not table it before since it was known to all that the post of Governor would become vacant on 30 June 2016.

Instead of a half-baked proposal, government has already announced it is preparing comprehensive legislation providing for Parliamentary hearings for regulators and other office holders, something the previous administration of which the Leader of the Opposition formed part of failed to do for 25 years

Mario Vella: Ma jienx dispjacut għal dak li ħarbixt, ma nħoss ebda sogħba jew dispjaċir

Mario Vella ta’ Brikkun li hu irreaġixxa għal dak li nkiteb u għal fatt li Farsons waqqfu l-parteċipazzjoni tal-grupp Brikkuni mill-Beer Festival  wara l-kritika li qalgħu minħabba il-lingwaġġ offensiv tal-kantant tagħhom Mario Vella.

Fir-reazzjoni tiegħu riprodotta hawn isfel fl-interita tagħha, Vella jgħid li ma jiddispjaċih xejn li kiteb dak il-lingwaġġ salvaġġ din id-darba fil-konfront ta’ Michelle Muscat wara li l-għawma li għamlet għal karita/

Huwa jikkritika wkoll lil dawk li jiġbru għal karita u jiddeskrivihom bħala “dawn l-attivitajiet ta beneficjenza ma huma xejn ghajr ezercizzju ta’ awto-promozzjoni ntizi biex jonfhu l-pruzunzjoni tal-politici (u spiss anke celebritajiet ohra)”.

Mario Vella jikteb hekk:

Nixtieq minn hawn nistqarr li ma nhoss ebda soghba jew dispjacir ghal putiferju li nqala wara l-kumment volontarjament vulgari, hamallu u ezagerat li ktibt is-Sibt li ghadda fuq il-pagna personali tieghi.  Pagna li ghalija nirrispondi jien u jien biss – ghal kuntrarju ta pagni ohrajn li ghandhom il-beneficcju ta’ gemellagg medjatiku u politiku ferm influwenti u nghiduha kif inhi…..perikoluz.

Jekk wiehed isegwi t-tragitt artistiku tieghi – umli kemm umli, pero xorta ferm izjed influwenti minn dak ta bosta individwi minghajr talent li llum sabu ix-xoqqa f’moxtha biex minghalihom jiehdu s-sodisfazzjoni taghhom – wiehed jinnota li l-marka li halliet il-muzika li jipproducu l-‘Brikkuni’ mhix dovuta biss ghal kanzunetti li niktbu izda wkoll ghal certu etos politiku li dejjem investejna fil-progett.  Ghad dissidenza li tant hija nieqsa fil-panorama artistiku lokali.  L-istess dissidenza li tant gibditni lejn il-kantawturi favoriti tieghi, li spiss u bi pjacir kbir offendew lil antagonisti politici/muzikali taghhom.  Kantawturi li kienu kapaci jalternaw bejn l-eleganza tal-poezija pura u l-hruxija ta’lingwagg tat-triq minghajr kantunieri. Bosta jahsbu (u jistghu ibusuli l-warrani f’ dan ir-rigward) li din il-pretensjoni tieghi taghmilni wiehed mill-ikbar purcinelli li qatt ipproduciet il-muzika lokali.  Jista jaghti l-kaz li ghandom ragun ukoll.  Madankollu kont inkun purcinell ferm ikbar li kelli nonqos mil-lealta tieghi lejn l-ispirtu anarkiku li jirrapprezenta l-Brikkuni.

Nghaddi issa ghal kumment li ktibt nhar is-Sibt. Nerga naghmilha cara li ma jienx dispjacut ghal dak li harbixt. Jien dispjacut biss ghal min ma jaghrafx li dawn l-attivitajiet ta beneficjenza ma huma xejn ghajr ezercizzju ta’ awto-promozzjoni ntizi biex jonfhu l-pruzunzjoni tal-politici (u spiss anke celebritajiet ohra) lokali. Dan intennih proprju jien li diga jien konsapevoli li minn hawn u ftit snin ohra ser ikolli nhabbat wicci ma sitwazzjoni difficli frott kundizzjoni medika kronika li nbati minnha. U nghidha minghajr tlaqliq ta xejn. La tasal il-gurnata, kemm il-darba tasal, nippreferi li Alla jehodni milli  ntaptap fuq dahar dawn il-bahahhi li jisfruttaw il-mizerja ta haddiehor sabiex jirbhu l-grazzja tal-pubbliku.  Innutajt ukoll li xi hadd ried jghaddini b’sessist frott referenzi li ghamilt ghal organi genital. Din l-akkuza nistqarr li ma fhimtiex sew. Kieku rreferejt ghal organi maskili (bhal ma spiss ghamilt fil-passat) kont nohrog ta sessist ukoll? Jew hija l-kovenjenza li tiddetta l-akkuzi? Jekk minn indirizzali dawn l-akkuzi ghandu ghal qalbu l-moviment Femminista nahseb ahjar jibda jhokk rasu  u jipprova jifhem ghaliex l-esponenti awtorevoli femminili fi hdan il-Partit Progressiv (bl-eskluzjoni ta xi vuci solitarja) qieghdin idumu jahsbuha tant biex jimmilitaw ghal kawzi ohra ferm izjed importanti –  bhal lnghidu ahna l-‘morning after pill’ u l-abort. Forsi jkun ahjar kieku Michelle tibda titfa z-zewg centezmi taghha f’dan ir-rigward milli toqghod tilghabha tal-First Lady Sofistikata temula l-passi ta’ min is-sofistikazzjoni ma xtrahiex minghand zewgu. Mhux ghax jinteressani wisq fis-sofistikazzjoni. Imma ladarba qam l-argument tajjeb li nsemmuha wkoll.

Nixtieq nghid li huwa nkredibbli kif waqt l il-pajjiz huwa mgharraq fi sfruttament ambjentali u pataflun skandli politici, hija proprju rasi li qieghdha tigi mitluba fuq platt. Rasi tistghu tippruvaw tehduha kemm tridu…….imma ma jienx ser naghtijielkom bl-irhis.

Naghlaq billi nirringrazzja lil-Glen Bedingfield u One TV tar-ritratti li ghazlu ghas servizzi rispettivi taghhom. Bhalissa nzertajt single u ninsab cert li dawk ir-ritratti ser ikunu ta beneficcju kbir ghalija.

U bilhaqq……Farsons jistghu ibusuli sormi wkoll. Ilna ghaxar snin ghaddejjin minghajrhom u mhux ser taqa d-dinja jekk inkomplu kif konna ghaddejjin. Lanqas li kellu jisfaxxa l-grupp ma jien ser ninkedd wisq. Il-konsistenza ma tinxtarax b’dan nejk.


Skont iz-zokk, il-fergħa

Bil-Kap tal-Knisja F’Malta jitkellem dwar il-politika bi stands kontinwi kontra l-gvern, il-membri tal-Knisja huma liberi wkoll li jieħdu sehem fid-dibattitu politiku. L-Assistent Kap ta’ Savio College Robert L.Grech itella’ post kontra l-Labour fuq il-Facebook tiegħu u ġieli anke l-Head tal-istess skola itella’ post jitfa’ botti kontra l-gvern.

Savio College 1a

Savio College 3a

Savio College 5a

Savio College 6a

Savio College 8a